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Jo Hyun Jae BNT interview and official photos, June 2015 (Part 1)


This is Part 1 of Jo Hyun Jae‘s BNT interview. English translation is by Jenny Park. Thank you!
Title of Article: [Interview] Jo Hyun Jae, he wants to raise the flavor of his acting with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.
Editor: Our translator explained that thick-lined or in-depth characters means that JHJ wants to portray more heavy-duty or more meaningful characters.
[Reporter: Jo Ji Yoon]
Jo Hyun Jae, an actor that has a bright and attractive smile openly announced his fashion photobook, which stimulated his female fans.
He provided us with his usual handsome visuals, on top of that he is humble and is a well-mannered gentleman. Throughout the whole time shooting for the photobook he made the atmosphere bright. During the photography/filming session he showed his powerful eyes along with a natural pose. He caught the heart of the photography staff with his fatal magic.
After the photoshoot there was an interview. Even with him talking in his soft voice, you are able to feel his strength. Moreover, during the whole interview session he remained calm and he answered in a sincere manner. In addition, you are able to feel that he is an actor who showed sincere consideration for others.
Even though he has already been acting for 15 years now, he says that his acting life is still evolving.
“In the future I want to show myself as an actor that brings forms of variety with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.”
Let us meet the actor who signaled us with his resurrection.


Question 1 (QI): How did you feel about the photoshoot today?
Jo Hyun Jae (JHJ): It is a good feeling doing photoshoots since it has been awhile [since my last photoshoot]. I feel like I have returned to the days of being a rookie.
Q2: How have you been?
JHJ: Once I finished filming MBC’s “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” (KDSBH) I took a vacation for awhile. I moved to a new agency and I have been working out a lot because I want to show a new image different from before. During this break I weighed 10 kilograms less compared to my weight while filming KDSBH.
Q3: How did you manage to lose 10 kg?
JHJ: Literally, I commuted everyday to the gym. For 6 months straight I exercised at the gym for 3 whole hours [per day]. I practically lived at the gym.
Q4: What was the most effective way to lose weight?
JHJ: Doing squats and head lifts. These were the most useful way to lose weight. Also, it makes the body shape up nicely.
Q5: While we were doing the photoshoot I realized how truly handsome you are. I think you have been hearing that you are handsome ever since you are young. Don’t you get tired of hearing that?
JHJ: I never get sick of it. The more I hear it, the better. I want to hear it more in the future too. (Editor: Is he serious? Okay, I will always write that he is handsome in the comments section of his FB posts. 😀 )


Q6: Kim Kang Woo appeared on Healing Camp and he said, “I was in the same idol group as Jo Hyun Jae.” This was unexpected.
JHJ: This was from long time ago. I was only 18 years old at the time. This happened almost 18 years ago…? This is a group that we prepared for so long but it went down under so nowadays when Kangwoo comes out to talk about the idol group days, it actually seems new and fun.
Q7: When was the time you folded your singing career and moved onto acting?
JHJ: Both Kangwoo and I are originally acting majors. Back then we both didn’t have any particular dream. At the time we had an attitude of gratitude. To us, as long as someone is willing to give us a chance that was all that mattered.
At the time I got recommended to become a singer so I worked hard to prepare myself for it. The company that I was working for had a hard time [financially] then. (Smiles). We prepared a lot but [the company] folded.
There were some regrets but this was a starting point for me to take the path as an actor. This is rather a good thing that happened to me. I still keep in touch with Kangwoo, it is such a gracious thing to be able to have such a colleague.
Q8: I bet it would be a special thing to be able to take similar paths with someone you worked with since you were a young man.
JHJ: It’s a new feeling. He’s a successful actor now. When I see him I feel rather touched.
Q9: Kim Kangwoo is well-known for being good to his wife…
JHJ: He hardly ever goes out for drinks and he usually just stays home. He goes to the same gym as I do and from time to time we run into each other. When I do manage to see him, after working out he goes home and looks after his family since he has kids. I think he takes care of his babies a lot.
Q10: You worked with many big-time actors. Are there any that are memorable to you?
JHJ: I would have to say Soo Ae. She’s the one I met for my first main role. Whenever I see Soo Ae I am reminded of those times because there were some melodramatic elements. Also, Lee Na Young, I did a TV commercial with her. Song Hye Kyo is another one, I worked with her in “Rays of Sunshine”. Whenever I see Song Hye Kyo now on TV it’s a new kind of feeling. With Han Chae Young, I am still close to her till this day. We call each other, meet from time to time and have tea while we have a nice chat.


Article link: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?mode=sub_view&popup=0&nid=08&c1=08&c2=03&c3&nkey=201506152002223
Credit: Photos by BNT; English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks!

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