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King Rouge: Episode 17 recap

In the previous episode, the Wu Kui-Moya relationship hits a bump when Moya’s father forbid her from having a relationship with Wu Kui. Moya was restricted to her quarters to prevent her from seeing Wu Kui until she accepts her father’s decision. To soften Prince Fu’s heart towards Wu Kui, the lovers came up with a scheme – they will make it appear that Prince Fu’s family has become the target of some thieves. In Episode 17 Wu Kui’s latest scheme continues to unfold.
As in previous episodes, my recap is based on impressions I gathered from the acting of the actors. I hope someone will provide us with the details of the episode.
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King Rouge Ep 17-6

I think Moya’s father gives instructions to Butler Lee for their guards to be more vigilant. Moya and Concubine pester Fu to hire someone to reinforce their own guard force. Moya suggests hiring Xinyi, while Concubine suggests calling in the police. Fu declines to hire either, so Moya continues to defend her choice.
Fu is still indecisive, so Moya does one of her pretend fainting spells (she is an expert by now.) Fu worries over his daughter. Moya, Willow and Concubine continue to air their concerns about the burglary. Finally, Fu decides to call in reinforcements.

King Rouge 13

Wu Kui and Lei-er go to the office of another escort agency in Shanhai town (I will call it XX Escort Agency for now), then they don disguises. Outside the office of XX Wu Kui and Lei-er pretend to be seriously injured. When the escorts of XX Escort Agency came out to find out what happened to them, Wu Kui and Lei-er concoct a story about something terrible that happened to them at Prince Fu’s mansion.
I think Wu Kui predicted that rather than going to Xinyi for reinforcements, Moya’s father will offer the job to another escort agency in town to help them catch the burglars. So Wu Kui came up with another scheme to scare off XX Escort Agency from accepting any job offers from Prince Fu. Sure enough, Butler Lee arrives at XX Escort Agency, the owner of XX declines the job offer from Fu.

King Rouge 11

Butler Lee reports to his master that XX turned him down. Butler Lee suggests offering the job to Xinyi.

King Rouge Ep 17-7

Wu Kui and Lei-er return to Xinyi, they hide their disguises in several trunks in Xinyi’s training ground. They discuss their next moves, then they go separate ways.

King Rouge Ep 17-8

Dumb Wolf comes out from behind the wall in the training ground. He heard everything Wu Kui and Lei-er said just a few minutes ago. He checks the the trunks and sees the black clothes that Wu Kui and Lei-er hid inside. I think Dumb Wolf decides to find out what Wu Kui and Lei-er are up to.
Wu Kui and Lei-er, clad in black from head to foot, return to Prince Fu’s mansion at night. They enter the grounds by leaping over the fence. Dumb Wolf, also clad in black from head to foot, arrives soon after and enters the grounds the same way.

King Rouge Ep 17-9

In her room, Moya breaks a jar deliberately and screams. Prince Fu’s guards hear her screams and go to her room to find out what is going on. When the guards arrived, I think Moya tells them that there were burglars in her room. So the guards run outside to search for the burglars.

King Rouge Ep 17-10

Wu Kui and Lei-er make sure that they are seen by Prince Fu’s guards, but they are also careful to evade capture. Wu Kui and Lei-er run all over the grounds with the guards in hot pursuit. Internal monologue by Wu Kui. Then Lei-er has an accident while she is being chased by the guards. She is able to hide before the guards arrive. Another black-clad figure appears and draws the guards away from her hiding place.

King Rouge Ep 17-11

Lei-er thinks that it was Wu Kui who saved her, but Wu Kui suddenly appears from behind her. They both wonder who is the other black-clad figure running around in the grounds. They hide again when the guards return. I don’t understand the conversation among the guards.
Once the guards have left, Wu Kui and Lei-er step out of their hiding place. Dumb Wolf steps out of his hiding place at the same time. Dumb Wolf shows his face to Wu Kui and Lei-er to let them know who he is. Lei-er asks him what he is doing there. I don’t understand their conversation.

King Rouge Ep 17-12

Wu Kui, Lei-er and Dumb Wolf are back in Xinyi. I think they discuss Dumb Wolf’s reason for meddling with their scheme. I think Wu Kui decides to include Dumb Wolf in his latest scheme. Dumb Wolf says something to Lei-er, then someone calls him from inside Xinyi for some errand. I think the errand is funny because Lei-er laughs at him.

King Rouge Ep 17-13

I think the purpose of Wu Kui and Lei-er’s adventures the previous night inside the grounds of Prince Fu’s mansion is to make Moya’s father think that the thieves are not yet finished with them. This is to force Moya’s father into hiring Xinyi to help them in catching the culprits.

King Rouge Ep 17-14

Feng Lang and Hua Lang arrive at Xinyi while Dumb Wolf is carrying out his errand. Whatever errand he is doing, I think it smells bad based on the reactions of the 2 bandits when Dumb Wolf came near them. Dumb Wolf explains himself. I don’t understand their conversation.

King Rouge Ep 17-15

Prince Fu and Concubine visit Moya, who is pretending to be so sick from too much fear that she has taken to her bed. Note the small box Concubine is carrying, it contains her treasures. I think she is afraid that her treasures might be stolen so she is carrying it around 😀  I don’t understand the conversation, but the upshot is that Prince Fu finally decides to ask Xinyi for help.

King Rouge Ep 17-16

Prince Fu is looking at the jade ornament, then he has an internal monologue. I think he believes that the burglars might be after the jade. He calls Butler Lee and orders him to go to Xinyi to offer them the job of catching the burglars.
Butler Lee arrives at Xinyi, Wu Kui and Aunt Gui meet with him. He relays Prince Fu’s job offer to Wu Kui. I think Wu Kui declines the offer. Maybe he doesn’t want to appear too eager?

King Rouge Ep 17-17

After Butler Lee has left, I think Aunt Gui questions Wu Kui’s decision. Wu Kui explains his decision. Aunt Gui tries to reason with him but Wu Kui is firm. Aunt Gui leaves, a bit miffed at her nephew’s decision, she encounters Lei-er outside. I think Lei-er asks Aunt Gui about Butler Lee’s visit, Aunt Gui tells Lei-er that Wu Kui declined the job. Lei-er is surprised to hear that and goes in to talk to Wu Kui.
Lei-er asks Wu Kui why he declined Prince Fu’s job offer, Wu Kui explains himself to Lei-er. (Me too! I want to know why he declined! 😀 )

King Rouge Ep 17-18

I think Butler Lee is relaying to Prince Fu Wu Kui’s decision when a servant announces that people from Xinyi have arrived. Prince Fu eagerly meets them. This time around, Fu cannot snub the Xiaos because he needs them. I think Ding Bang explains why Wu Kui initially declined to take on Prince Fu’s job offer, then I think Ding Bang says that Xinyi will take on the job. I think Fu made some restrictions with regards Wu Kui’s movements, hence Ding Bang mentions Lei-er, their female escort. I think Fu asks who Lei-er is, so Lei-er introduces herself to Moya’s father. More talk from Prince Fu.

King Rouge Ep 17-19

Ding Bang sadly leaves the Full Moon House with a package in his hand. He looks up at the balcony and he sees Yue Liang standing there, he says something to himself. Yue Liang looks sadly at Ding Bang, then she turns her back on him and she closes the door of the balcony. Inside the room, she sadly cries out Ding Bang’s name.

King Rouge Ep 17-20

Back at Xinyi, Ding Bang is drinking all by his lonesome. Flashback to what happened earlier at the Full Moon House. Ding Bang puts a package on the table where Yue Liang is seated. I think the package contains the money to bail Yue Liang out of the brothel. However, Yue Liang sneers at Ding Bang’s attempt to bail her out. Though I don’t understand her words, I think she said cruel words to Ding Bang. (Ohhh, I think Yue Liang decides to stay at Full Moon House so she could continue to see Prince Fu. I think her decision has something to do with the  jade ornament that Prince Fu showed her in the previous episode.)
Ding Bang calls out for more wine, Dumb Wolf brings in another pitcher of wine. They begin to talk, then Ding Bang invites Dumb Wolf to drink with him. So they begin to drink together as they continue their talk. I think Ding Bang is telling Dumb Wolf not to trust women. Plenty of talk which I don’t understand.

King Rouge Ep 17-21

Wu Kui arrives at the grounds of Prince Fu’s mansion. He sees Lei-er sitting at the edge of the pond. He asks her what she is doing there, then Wu Kui helps her out of the pond. (My guess is that she has misinterpreted another Xinyi code word.)
Wu Kui starts a bonfire to keep them warm and so Lei-er could dry her clothes. They have a long talk which turned into an argument. Lei-er keeps shouting something loudly at Wu Kui. Is Lei-er calling Wu Kui Zong Biaotou? The same title as Ding Bang’s?

King Rouge Ep 17-22

Lei-er’s voice is so loud that Prince Fu, his men and the Xinyi men all rush to where Lei-er and Wu Kui are, maybe thinking that they have captured the burglars. More talk which I don’t understand. Prince Fu notices Lei-er’s wet shoes, I think he asks her what happened. Lei-er says something which makes the escorts laugh at her. (Now I am sure she misinterpreted another Xinyi code word.) More talk, but I think Wu Kui and Lei-er managed to allay everyone’s fears because everyone leaves them.
Wu Kui breathes a sigh of relief and I think he scolds Lei-er for being noisy. Then I think Wu Kui says he is going to Moya, Lei-er agrees, but after Wu Kui has gone, she becomes sad.
Meanwhile, Concubine is wandering around the grounds by herself carrying her treasure box, looking for a place to bury her treasures. While burying her treasure box, she hears someone coming along. She hides, she talks to herself. Then she espies Wu Kui who is on his way to Moya’s quarters. She says something to herself, I think she guesses that Wu Kui and Moya are meeting secretly right under Prince Fu’s nose.

King Rouge Ep 17-23

Wu Kui enters Moya’s room. They embrace and talk. Wu Kui mentions Ah Liang/Dumb Wolf, then I think Moya makes insinuations about the developing relationship between Lei-er and Dumb Wolf. Wu Kui reacts as if he is not happy about a relationship between Lei-er and Dumb Wolf. More talk. I think Wu Kui tells Moya of their next moves.

King Rouge Ep 17-24

Unknown to Wu Kui and Moya, Concubine is listening to them outside Moya’s room. Concubine talks to self again. I think she initially planned on telling Prince Fu what she heard, but changes her mind later.
Next day Concubine visits Chuzi. I think she told him what she found out and they came up with a plan to defeat Wu Kui and Xinyi, and make Chuzi shine in front of Prince Fu.

King Rouge Ep 17-25

Dumb Wolf brings snacks to Lei-er, she is about eat the snacks he brought, but she stops. I think Lei-er starts talking about Wu Kui and Moya, which pisses off Dumb Wolf. Just then Wu Kui arrives, he asks Dumb Wolf what he is doing there. Then I think they discuss their plans, I think Wu Kui expresses worry if Dumb Wolf will be able to carry out his part of the plan. Lei-er says not to worry because Ah Liang is…. she was about to make the mistake of revealing Dumb Wolf’s real identity, but Dumb Wolf was able to stop her in time. More talk from Lei-er, then she tells Dumb Wolf to leave. After Dumb Wolf has left, Lei-er gives the snacks Dumb Wolf gave her to Wu Kui.

King Rouge Ep 17-26 King Rouge Ep 17-27

Concubine takes Chuzi to visit Prince Fu, but Fu snubs him. More dialogue.

King Rouge Ep 17-28



Some screen captures from this episode:
King Rouge 91
King Rouge Ep 17-3a
BTS photos from this episode:

King Rouge 10King Rouge 12


Credit: Video and photos as labelled. Thanks!

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