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King Rouge: Episode 16 recap

Episode 15 ended with Dumb Wolf, Feng Lang and Hua Lang being chased by Chuzi and his men into the middle of the town plaza where the celebration for the annual Tanabata Festival was taking place. Wu Kui, Lei-er and Moya saw Dumb Wolf being chased by the police.
As usual, I don’t know the details of the various conversations in the episode. My recap are mostly assumptions based on the acting of the actors and information from previous episodes. Here’s hoping someone could give us the details of the various scenes in the episode.
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Episode 16 begins with the continuation of the chase. Dumb Wolf ends up being captured by the police after being trapped under a big net. Lei-er tries to help Dumb Wolf, but she has an accident. The wooden towers in the plaza are about to fall on Lei-er, both Wu Kui and Dumb Wolf react to the impending accident.

King Rouge Ep 16-2

Lei-er wakes up at home, with her head bandaged from a wound. I think Lei-er asks Grandma what happened. I think Grandma tells her that someone brought her home. Lei-er hears a sound from outside, she asks Grandma who is outside. I don’t know what Grandma told her, but Lei-er assumes that it is Wu Kui who is outside, so she smiles happily.

King Rouge Ep 16-3

Grandma calls out to the person outside, Lei-er excitedly fixes her hair, thinking that Wu Kui is about to enter. Only to be disappointed (again) when it is Dumb Wolf who appears, also wounded, bruised and bandaged.
I think Lei-er asks Dumb Wolf what he is doing there. Her tone is snappy, so Grandma scolds her for being ungracious. Grandma leaves them, Lei-er and Dumb Wolf talk. I think Lei-er asks Dumb Wolf where Wu Kui is, I think Dumb Wolf replies that Wu Kui is at Wangye Fu’s mansion (Prince Fu, Moya’s father.)

King Rouge Ep 16-4

Ding Bang and Wu Kui are at Prince Fu’s mansion. I think Wu Kui and his father are there to ask Moya’s hand in marriage. But, Moya’s father just ignores them. Most probably Moya’s father is angry at Ding Bang because of what Fu heard the 2 prostitutes were saying back at the brothel on the night of the Tanabata Festival (that Yue Liang chose Ding Bang over the Prince.)

King Rouge Ep 16-5

I am not sure what Butler Lee shouted, but Ding Bang gets the hint that they are being snubbed by Fu, so he gets up angrily and leaves. Wu Kui follows his father, and pleads with him. I think Ding Bang tells Wu Kui to forget about Moya because Moya’s father doesn’t like him, but Wu Kui is firm about his feelings for Moya. Ding Bang leaves angrily, fed up with his son’s stubbornness.

King Rouge Ep 16-6

Moya talks to her father about snubbing the Xiaos. I don’t understand the whole conversation, I think Moya defends Wu Kui, but her father is firm in not liking Wu Kui. Moya continues to defend Wu Kui and cites the advantages of having Xinyi on their side. But Moya’s father continues to reject Wu Kui.

King Rouge Ep 16-7

Wu Kui is problematic over his love life. Aunt Gui comes in, I think she has already heard what happened at Prince Fu’s mansion and she seems angry that someone would dare disapprove of her Kui-er 😀

King Rouge Ep 16-8

Moya looks at the lantern Wu Kui gave her during the Tanabata, then she recalls the time they spent together during the festival.
King Rouge Ep 16-9
Willow arrives with food. I think Moya asks Willow why her meals are being brought to her quarters. Willow says something, Moya senses that Willow is lying. Moya surmises that her father has restricted her to her quarters. She is not allowed to go out, so she can’t meet with Wu Kui. Moya tries to go out, but her servants beg her not to. I think Willow tells Moya that the servants will be the ones who will be punished if the Prince finds out that Moya has disobeyed his orders.

King Rouge Ep 16-10

Concubine brings tea to a visibly upset Prince Fu. I don’t understand their conversation. I think she belittles Wu Kui and Xinyi some more, then tries to put in a good word for her nephew, Chuzi. Fu gets mad at her.

King Rouge Ep 16-11

At Xinyi the escorts are preparing for another mission. Ding Bang sees Dumb Wolf and calls him. I think Ding Bang asks Dumb Wolf about Lei-er, I think Dumb Wolf tells him that Lei-er is still recuperating. I think Ding Bang says good things about Lei-er, which makes Dumb Wolf happy. Suddenly Ding Bang hits Dumb Wolf, who retaliates automatically. Ding Bang is testing him. I think Ding Bang is aware that Dumb Wolf has good martial arts skills which he has been hiding. I think Ding Bang hires him to be an escort in Xinyi, I think Dumb Wolf accepts.

King Rouge Ep 16-12

Dumb Wolf brings herbs to Lei-er. Grandma takes Dumb Wolf to see Lei-er, Grandma says something to Dumb Wolf that embarrasses Lei-er, most probably making a comment about her ravenous appetite despite her injuries. Dumb Wolf steps out, Grandma and Lei-er talk. I think Grandma is teasing Lei-er about Dumb Wolf, which embarrasses Lei-er even more.
Dumb Wolf returns and hands over a wrapped present to Lei-er, she ignores it. But once Grandma has left, Lei-er accepts the package. I think Dumb Wolf tells Lei-er that he has been hired as escort by the Master Escort. I don’t understand Lei-er’s reply.

King Rouge Ep 16-13

Lei-er tries to get up, Dumb Wolf stops her, she pushes him away so forcefully that he drops to the ground.
Dumb Wolf assists Lei-er as she takes a walk around the yard while still limping, with Lei-er acting grouchy. Wu Kui arrives, Lei-er is so happy to see him that she pushes Dumb Wolf so forcefully that he drops to the ground once again.
Lei-er forgets all her aches and pains and even her grouchiness upon seeing Wu Kui. She runs to Wu Kui and almost falls to the ground, but Wu Kui catches her in his arms. Lei-er is on cloud nine. 😀 Wu Kui helps her to her feet, and all Lei-er could do is nod her head as Wu Kui talks to her.

King Rouge 17

Grandma notices that Wu Kui has arrived, she notices Dumb Wolf sitting on the ground, asks him what he is doing there, Dumb Wolf just says something. Grandma greets Wu Kui happily. Wu Kui and Lei-er go into her house, with Lei-er not paying attention to Dumb Wolf at all. Dumb Wolf angrily looks at Wu Kui. I think Grandma asks Dumb Wolf for a favor.
Inside the house, I think Wu Kui asks Lei-er how she’s doing. Lei-er shows Wu Kui that she is fine. Then Wu Kui tells Lei-er what happened the night of her accident.

King Rouge Ep 16-14

We find out that when the wooden towers were about to fall on Lei-er, both Wu Kui and Dumb Wolf tried to run to her aid. However, Dumb Wolf reaches her first before the towers fell on her by escaping from the police. Dumb Wolf covered her with his body, hence Dumb Wolf bore the brunt of the falling towers. When the structure was removed, Dumb Wolf and Lei-er both have bloody head wounds, with Lei-er lying on the ground unconscious.
Wu Kui tried to go to their aid, but suddenly Moya faints, Wu Kui had to assist Moya, while Dumb Wolf assisted Lei-er. I don’t understand the rest of the conversation. Maybe she is feeling guilty for treating Dumb Wolf badly ever since she regained her consciousness when it was Dumb Wolf who helped her during the accident.
Lei-er changes the topic and asks Wu Kui what has been going on in his life. I think Wu Kui tells her of his problems with Moya’s father. I think Lei-er offers to help Wu Kui in communicating with Moya.

King Rouge Ep 16-15

Yue Liang goes to Prince Fu’s mansion. He tries to woo her by showing off his treasures, but Yue Liang remains unimpressed. He tries to grab her hand, in doing so Yue Liang notices a semicircular jade ornament hanging from his clothes.
Editor: The semicircular jade ornament seems to be similar to the semicircular jade ornament that Ding Bang showed Wu Kui in his secret room in Episode 7.
Yue Liang asks Fu about the jade ornament, Fu shows it off to her. I don’t understand what he told her about it. Fu takes her outside, the jade shines in the light of the moon. As Yue Liang looks with wonder at the jade, Fu has an internal monologue which I don’t understand. Fu puts his arm around Yue Liang’s shoulder, she allows it, internal monologue from Yue Liang.
Wu Kui and Lei-er go to Prince Fu’s mansion, Lei-er taps the brick fence, they hear answering taps from the other side. Lei-er helps Wu Kui to leap over the fence, then Willow opens the wooden gate so Lei-er is able to enter the grounds without having to leap over the fence. Wu Kui asks why he had to leap over the fence when he could have entered through the gate as well. 😀
Avoiding the guards roaming the ground, Willow leads Wu Kui and Lei-er to Moya’s quarters. I do not know what Willow said to the guard stationed outside Moya’s quarters to make him leave. Once the guard has left, Wu Kui and Lei-er enter Moya’s room. Wu Kui tries to embrace Moya, but Moya stops him because Willow and Lei-er are still there watching them. Willow and Lei-er leave the room, Willow closes the door to give Wu Kui and Moya privacy.
Wu Kui and Moya embrace, talk, embrace, talk, and talk some more.  I don’t understand what they said to each other. I think they come up with an idea to make Moya’s father be impressed with Xinyi and Wu Kui in particular, so that Moya’s father will give his permission for Wu Kui to marry his daughter.

King Rouge Ep 16-16 King Rouge Ep 16-17 King Rouge Ep 16-18

Wu Kui dons black clothing from head to foot and allows one of Prince Fu’s guard to see him running around the grounds of the mansion. The guard loses consciousness after Lei-er karate chops him. Wu Kui and Lei-er talk. Wu Kui gives a note to Lei-er and gives her some instructions.

King Rouge Ep 16-1

Lei-er seems reluctant to carry out the order and questions Wu Kui. I think Wu Kui tells her that what they are doing will be of help to his and Moya’s relationship. I think upon hearing Wu Kui’s reasons, Lei-er finally agrees to carry out his orders. Lei-er buries the note in the trunk of one of the trees in the garden of Prince Fu’s mansion.
King Rouge Ep 16-19
Meanwhile, Moya and Willow prepare Moya’s room to make it look like someone has burgled the place.

King Rouge Ep 16-20

The next day, Lei-er hears the servants at Xinyi’s kitchen talking about the burglary at Prince Fu’s mansion. Mad Chopper and Monkey also listen with interest to the discussion. Monkey looks worried, says something to Mad Chopper. Wu Kui enters the kitchen, so the servants return to their work, but Wu Kui and Lei-er exchange satisfied smiles.

King Rouge Ep 16-21

Prince Fu is berating the guards assigned to Moya’s quarters for allowing Moya’s room to be burgled. I think one of the guards explained that he left his post because of something Willow said. Moya speaks out to defend Willow.
Butler Lee brings in the note that Lei-er buried in the tree trunk the night before. Fu and Lee discuss the knife that came with the note. Concubine says something, she seems scared. Fu reads the note, I don’t know the contents of the letter. Concubine grows even more agitated.

King Rouge Ep 16-22


Additional screen captures of Wu Kui:

King Rouge Ep 16-23 King Rouge Ep 16-24 King Rouge Ep 16-25 King Rouge Ep 16-26 King Rouge Ep 16-27 King Rouge Ep 16-28 King Rouge Ep 16-29 King Rouge Ep 16-30 King Rouge Ep 16-31 King Rouge Ep 16-32



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