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BTS photos of Jo Hyun Jae’s BNT pictorial

JHJ FB 2015.06.05-3

These are behind-the-scene (BTS) photos of Jo Hyun Jae‘s pictorial for BNT, a Korean news outlet. These photos were posted on the instagram account of a BNT staffer.

I like Hyunjae’s hairstyle in the photos. 😀  Are my eyes deceiving me or is Hyunjae wearing a sparkly coat?  He looks great in these BTS photos, so I am looking forward to the final product.


Editor: Just in case you are wondering, JHJ, himself, has no instagram account.

JHJ FB 2015.06.05-4

.Update: Here are the colored versions of the above photos:

JHJ FB 2015.06.05-6 JHJ FB 2015.06.05-5


Credit:  Photos 1 and 2 from Instagram @bntnews_kim @yu_mirim; FB @ https://www.facebook.com/whitemnsj; Photos 3 and 4 from http://m.blog.naver.com/alflal813/220381524063. Thanks!


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