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Jo Hyun Jae on Facebook, 2015.06.05

JHJ FB 2015.06.05-2JHJ FB 2015.06.05-1

Jo Hyun Jae posted these photos in his official FB page today. The photos are accompanied with this message:

Bnt 화보 찍었어요~
촬영한 사진 잘나와 너무 기분좋습니다~^^

작가님 촬영스텝분들 모두 무척 열심히 해주셔서 좋은 사진 나올 것 같아요^^


Rough English translation:

I did a pictorial for BNT.
I think the photos came out well, so I am feeling good. ^^
The Writer and the shooting staff all worked very hard, so I think the photos will come out good.


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/johyunjae


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