Audio Clips/Video Clips/MVs / Movie (2014.02): The Actress Is Too Much

Actress Is Too Much: BTS on first day of filming with Jo Hyun Jae and Cha Ye Ryun


Below is the link to Arirang’s report on Jo Hyun Jae‘s and Cha Ye Ryun’s movie “The Actress Is Too Much”.  Arirang is South Korea’s English channel so the report is in English and the parts in Korean have English subtitles, so there is no need for us to translate anymore.

This Arirang report was released last year, but I forgot to post it on the blog. Well, better late than never, right? 😀

The report covers short interviews of Hyun Jae and Ye Ryun, and some behind-the-scene clips. It is so good listening to JHJ’s voice, it is so soothing!



In the interview, Hyun Jae said, “I think it went well. But, the first filming was acting as a drunk and scenes were difficult so I underwent some harsh hazing.”


I think Hyun Jae is referring to that scene where Navi and her friend drugged Director Hong. When he lost consciousness, the girls dragged him to bed, removed his clothes, then Navi took photos of Dir. Hong and the girl in various compromising positions.


Credit: Gif from DC/JHJ @; Video from Arirang. Thanks!


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