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Birthday gifts for Jo Hyun Jae’s 36th birthday (4)

JHJ Bday 2015-53

Here are more gifts for Jo Hyun Jae on the occasion of his 36th birthday. These gifts are from JHJ’s international fans belonging to the group “Jo Hyun Jae Fans of the World”. The group was formed just this year, members met through Facebook. Reporting on the birthday event got delayed because the group admin was hospitalized on the week of JHJ’s birthday.
The above photo is a heart-shaped message book containing the birthday greetings sent by members. Below are pictures of the gifts:
JHJ Bday 2015-49Fruit cupcakes
JHJ Bday 2015-52JHJ Bday 2015-51
Shirt and cardigan.JHJ Bday 2015-46JHJ Bday 2015-47I love the spring color of this cardigan. And it seems to be the same shade as the shawl (pictured after the cardigan) for Hyun Jae’s mom. Mom and son can go on a color-coordinated date. 🙂
JHJ Bday 2015-48
The shawl below is for Hyun Jae’s mom. Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day on May 8, the day before Hyun Jae’s birthday, so it has been a practice among the various JHJ fanclubs to include a gift for Hyun Jae’s mom when they send birthday gifts to Hyun Jae.

JHJ Bday 2015-50

Kimy Kukuchan, the admin of the group, sent a letter to Hyun Jae sometime in April. She mentioned that one of Hyun Jae’s fans had an accident hence could not walk. Hyun Jae sent a postcard to the fan to encourage her during this trying time. Hyun Jae wrote: I hope you will get well soon.
Awww, Hyun Jae really reads our letters . ❤

JHJ Bday 2015-45


Credit: Photos c/o Kimy Kukuchan of Jo Hyun Jae fans of the world. Thanks!

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