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Jo Hyun Jae in variety show “Happy Together”, 2013.02.21 (Part 3 of 4)

Ad genius Happy Together-56The video below is the 2nd half of the “Happy Together” (HaeTu, season 3, episode 287) episode where Jo Hyun Jae and his co-actors in the drama “Advertising Genius, LTB” (AGLTB) guested back in February 2013. The above video includes English subtitles. For those who want to translate the show to their own language, the English transcript follows after the video.


Part 1 ended with Jin Gu (JG) saying that he had a complex about his name and skin tone when he was a kid. In the above video, the talk continues with JG revealing how he got into fights when he was a kid because of his name. Then Host 1 turns to JHJ with some questions.
Host 1 (around 0:57): JHJ said something when the cameras were off. “Ah, this is why variety…” but I didn’t hear the rest. Did he say, “This is why variety is fun?” I am curious. I only heard the first part. “Ah, this is why variety is….” (Turns to JHJ) What did you say?
Someone said JHJ is really funny. Someone else asks JHJ if he is having fun.
JHJ: I was worried that I would be a burden.
Host 3: No, you are not a burden. You are really very funny.
JHJ: I said stuff today I never thought I would say.
Host 3: You talked about Guardian. Guardian is the best!
JHJ: I wondered why I even said all that.
Host: Guardian will be #1 in the search engines.
Host 3: People don’t do this on other shows, but when they come to our show they tell us everything.
JHJ: Yes, how strange. (Everyone laughs again.)
Han Chae Young (HCY): JHJ reveals all his emotions in his face. He can’t hide anything from us.
Host 1: I think he wanted to talk about Guardian before.
JHJ: No. I just didn’t want to say the name of the group.
Host 1: How would we have guessed Guardian?… G4 has prepared something for our guests so we can get to know them better…
Host: That’s right. It’s a drama about people in advertising. To figure out their images, I turned to my cast mates in Gag Concert. I did some research.
Other hosts: Great. Very thorough (A board showing pictures and notes about each actor appears.On the diagram are questions for the guests.)
First to answer questions is HCY, then JG. Then comedienne Kim Young Hee (KYH) arrives and fangirls over JG. She claims she is a huge fan of JG and asks for his autograph. After KYH has left, the hosts move on to questioning Park Ha Sun (PHS). Then it is JHJ’s turn.
Host 1 (around 13:44): JHJ, what did you do in the army?
JHJ: I was in the military dog division.
Hosts: Military dog?
JHJ: Yes, those big dogs.
Host: You have such a calm voice. Dog trainers usually sound more boisterous.
JHJ: We do hand signals. Like this (JHJ demonstrates), means lie down. Another gesture means bark.
Host: What is the signal for bite?
JHJ: I point at the person and say “bite”. Then it runs up and bites the person.
Host: Don’t people confuse you with actor Jo Jae Hyun?
JHJ: Yes. Our names are so similar. His name gets written in a lot of my headlines.
Host 1: Do you have a girlfriend right now?
JHJ: No.
Host 1: If you don’t have a GF, please seriously consider me. (Question from Kim Jimin.)
Host 2: She is the prettiest female comedian.
Other hosts agrees that she is the prettiest comedian. They ask JHJ if he has seen her.
Host: Unless he doesn’t watch the Gag Concert.
One of the G4 asks JHJ: Do you know us? Try to guess. Who am I?
JHJ: Heo Gyeonghwan. (Correct)
Another G4: Who am I?
JHJ: Junho. (Correct)
Host 2: Is he an amnesia patient? 😀
Another Host: JHJ looks a bit lost…
Another G4: What about me? Cover your eyes and take a look.
Another host gives a hint: The name of a bridge. There is a bridge near here. Not the Mapo Bridge, but… a monk’s name, the name of a bridge…
JHJ: Seongsu… (Correct. His name is Kim Seongsu.)
Another host: Good thing he didn’t say Kim Banpo.
Host 1: The guy behind Wonhyo has the name of a king.
JHJ asks politely: Can you please stop asking me questions? (Everyone laughs.)
Editor: I think the reason JHJ asked the hosts to stop asking him questions already is because he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the panelists/hosts whose names he might not be able to guess. Or maybe he was just tired of being the center of attention, we know how shy he is. 😀
Host: It is like a court hearing.
Caption: I can’t remember.
Various hosts: The first time a talk show guest ever…. You should do more variety… He has given up on talking…
Host 1 (to Host 2): You like that, don’t you? (Referring to JHJ’s attitude.)
Host 2: That’s a great attitude.
Host 3: We all like that.  He is so pure!
Host 1: I am still curious about what he said. I kept wondering what he said. “This is why variety….”
Then it is Han Sung Hwa’s turn to answer questions.
Host 1 goes back to asking JHJ (around 17:35): JHJ, maybe you can expand to other genres? I know you are an actor now. You can do musicals.
JHJ: I do want to sing on a soundtrack.
Hosts agree that JHJ can definitely do that since he is a good singer.
Host 1: We will go to the Late Night Cafeteria.
Host 1: Creating the best flavors with minimum costs – Happy Together Late Night Cafeteria. Out of our 4 guests PHS already has a dish up on our menu.
Host 4: I make her dish at home often. (Host 3 says she does also.)
Host 1 (to PHS): These 2 really cook your dish at home often. This might be the first time someone gets 2 dishes up on the menu. That’s 2 if she gets it today.
Host 3 asks Host 1 why JHJ is sitting among the tasters and not among the guests/candidates.
Host 1: We had a preliminary round. We heard what the dishes were and picked one to…
Host 4: You had to select the candidates. He is out?
Host 1: JHJ was eliminated after we heard his recipe. (The others asked what JHJ’s recipe was. Host 1 tells JHJ to be the one to tell what his recipe is.)
JHJ: I said I want to make rice ball.
Host 1 explains that when he heard JHJ’s ingredients for the rice ball (rice with anchovies as filling) they decided to eliminate him because there was nothing unique in the rice ball he planned to make.
Host 2: If you brought that on the show you will end up there. Look behind you (Host 2 points to a wall with pictures of former guests.)
Host 1 (to JHJ): You should have asked your sisters for advice.
JHJ: But I would still be the one to cook it, right? (the hosts agree with JHJ’s point.)
Editor: Rule of the night cafeteria is for the guests/candidates to present a recipe they created by themselves and they have been cooking/making by themselves. JHJ just followed the rule to the letter. He is really honest.
Host 3: He is really worried. (I like Host 3, she is so gentle and tries to make everyone comfortable, especially JHJ.)
Host 1: Even if your sisters could have helped, since you have to make it yourself, you wanted to be honest.
Then the first dish is presented. It belongs to PHS, costs 90 cents, takes only 5 minutes to make. It is congee made of cold rice, a bit of water, anchovies, and egg; and seasoned with sesame oil, sesame salt and soy sauce. PHS says that it is simple but to her it tastes as good as abalone congee. The hosts taste the dish. Host 2 suggests adding pickled squid. Host 1 says that the congee is savory, but when asked if it tastes like abalone congee, he says that it doesn’t. 😀  It tastes good but it tastes just like regular congee. Host 2 says the pickled squid tastes good, he asks if the pickled squid is from Hamheung, a place known for cold noodles.   Hosts 2 and 3 remind Host 1 to make JHJ taste the dish. Host 1 puts congee on a spoon and asks JHJ if he wants squid or beef with it.
JHJ: I will have the squid since I am tired. (JHJ looks like a little boy when he said that. I wonder if he is like that at home 😀 )
Host: You eat squid when you are tired? Is that a family remedy? Pickled squid when you are tired.
Host 3 spoon feeds JHJ. They ask JHJ what he thinks of the dish. It takes time for JHJ to answer because he is still savoring it.
JHJ: The pickled squid is good…. (Everyone laughs because he is supposed to be evaluating the congee, not the pickled squid. 😀 )
Host 1: That’s it for Hasun’s congee. JHJ didn’t say much, just “the pickled squid is good”. The pickled squid is really good. The congee tasted good, but it wasn’t really as special as the last dish you brought here (Hasun’s Pancake.)
Another dish is taken out – rice roll. The dish belongs HCY, she calls it “longing for rice roll”; costs $8.50 and takes 55 minutes to make. The rice roll has so many ingredients that it is so big: sirloin, tuna, mayonnaise, sesame lead, pickled radish, burdock, grilled ham, carrots, eggs, crab meat, kimchi. The hosts taste the dish. Host 2 has difficulty breathing because he has stuffy nose and the rice roll is so big. JHJ tastes the roll. Because the roll is so big, it took JHJ very long to finish chewing the roll.
Host 1: JHJ is chewing while they are talking. (Host 1 imitates JHJ’s chewing.)
Happy Together-028

Caption reads: Like a scholar.

Host 1: JHJ is done tasting. How was it?
JHJ: It is filling. It is filling and it seems healthy… that sour taste… it tastes a bit coy like HCY.
Editor: A Korean news report I read on this episode said that JHJ’s comments for HCY’s dish are: he calls the dish “kimbap heartburn”, that it is for the “stomach of a grown man, cannot eat too much for health reasons.” That is why everyone laughed at JHJ’s comments. But if you read the translation from the video, there is nothing funny about his comments. So, something was lost in the translation.
The third dish is taken out – ice and young radish kimchi by JG. Host 1 says that it reminds him of a dish prepared by another guest, which looked good but tasted like water. The hosts and JHJ taste the dish. JHJ says “wow!”
Last dish is presented – tomato rice cake by HSH. The hosts say that for men it tastes bland. JHJ laughs when he tasted it.
JHJ: Quite a recipe for a youngster to come up with. (He is changing the topic.)
Host: So how does it taste?
JHJ: It is tangy.
Host 1: Which tastes better – this dish or your rice balls?
JHJ: My rice balls 😀  It (referring to HSH’s dish) can be good when you are tired. 😀
Host 1: He must be really happy. Do you want some more?
JHJ: No, I have had enough.
Host 1 asks which he likes among the 4 dishes.
JHJ: They were all very unique. However, I didn’t think PSH’s dish is that great though.
Caption: Speaks his mind after being polite.
Host 1: But you ate a lot of PSH’s dish.
JHJ: It was so bland.
Everyone takes a vote, the one who gets the most vote advances to the finals. JG wins; he cooks his dish in front of everyone. Everyone eats, then votes. If JG gets 4 votes or more, his dish will make it to the Late Night Cafeteria menu. JG gets 6 votes. The show ends with JG inviting the audience to watch AGLTB.

Happy Together-025

Credit: Video and English translation from KBS; photo from DC/JHJ. Thanks!

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