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Jo Hyun Jae in variety show “Happy Together”, 2013.02.21 (Part 2 of 4)

The above video shows the first half of “Happy Together” (HaeTu, season 3, episode 287) where Jo Hyun Jae and his co-actors from the drama “Advertising Genius, LTB” (AGLTB) were guests back in February 21, 2013. The above video includes English subtitles.
If you have already watched above video in Part 1 of this series you will know that the video is quite long and in the beginning JHJ participated very little in the conversation. If you want to watch just the JHJ portions, you can do so through the JHJ cuts that Korean fan Ojik created and posted on her FB account. I added a description or the transcript for each cut for everyone’s convenience.


In the above video we see the HaeTu hosts welcoming JHJ as he enters the room after being introduced. JHJ is introduced as the actor who became famous because of his role Andrea in the drama “Love Letter”. JHJ’s nervousness is so apparent in his face as he entered the room.  I feel a little bad for him, but also proud because despite feeling nervous he was still game enough to join the show to help promote AGLTB. The hosts also keep commenting on JHJ’s handsome, good looks.


Host 1: What about you, JHJ? (JHJ doesn’t answer right away.)
Host 2: He looks a bit nervous.
Host 3: He is very handsome.
Host 1 (to Host 2): He didn’t sleep last night. (Meaning, JHJ still looks very handsome even if he didn’t have any sleep the night before.)
JHJ (explains why he is nervous): It has been awhile since I have done a variety show.
Host 1: When was the last time? (JHJ thinks.)
Host 3: You can’t even remember?
JHJ: I think I was on “Strong Heart.”
Host 1: How were you on that show?
JHJ: I don’t think I was very funny. (Haha! So honest!)
Host 2: So, you think you will not be funny today?
Host 1: The energy you show in variety shows tend to carry to the next variety show shoot. But it is still hard to tell with JHJ. He is really nervous. Look at JG, he is smiling.
Host 3: JHJ, what role do you play?
JHJ: I am an advertising planner. I am also LTB’s rival.
> Host 1 asks HSH about her role. She replies that she is LTB’s younger sister. She reveals that at first she thought that JHJ will play the role of LTB because that is the rumor among the production staff. When she heard that, she researched about JHJ. On the day of the first script reading, she saw JG and wondered what role he will play. However, as the script reading progressed, JG kept reading LTB’s lines. That was when she realized that JG will play LTB. So, then she started researching about JG.
Host 1: JHJ, what was your dream as a kid?
Host 3: Let us get ready to listen.
JHJ: I wanted to be an actor too, since I was in junior high. So, I graduated high school through a qualification exam. I wanted to become an actor. I started as a singer. Back then I was eager to do whatever was asked of me. I was younger then.
Host 2: You prepared to be a singer then?
Host 3: So did you take singing lessons?
JHJ: When I was around 17 or 18. It was a group.
Hosts: It was a dance team? What was the name of the group?
JHJ: I don’t really want to say. (Guests and hosts laugh.)
Hosts: You are supposed to tell us stuff like this.
JHJ: We were called Guardian. (But the hosts think he said “cardigan”.)
Host: So you debuted as a singer?
JHJ: There is another funny aspect. Actor Kim Kang Woo (KKW) was also a member.
Host: So if you debuted as a singer… that’s a good-looking group. Can’t believe that KKW is in Guardian.
Host 4: What was KKW’s role in the group?
JHJ: He was the rapper.
Host 4: Were you the lead vocalist?
JHJ: I was a vocalist.
Host: What was title of the song? Do you still remember? (JHJ took time to answer. It seems like he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.)
JHJ: “Sad Relation”
Host 1: Can you sing it for us?
JHJ: I will just sing a Yoon Do Hyun song.
JHJ sings the chorus part of the song “Love Two.”
Captions read: A voice women like….. He is good….. Guardian’s vocalist!
Hosts start chanting “Guardian”…. “Guardian”…. (Caption: They want to see the group reunite! Haha!)
JHJ: I never thought I’d end up singing here.
Host 3: You were great.
Host 1: JHJ, do you have nicknames while you were growing up?
JHJ: My friends call me “old man” or “old geezer.”
Host 3: That’s about right.
Host 2: When did you realize you were handsome?
JHJ: When I was in junior high. I thought I was hot stuff back then (Haha! Everyone laughs. JHJ covers his face in embarrassment.)
Caption: He is funny every time he talks.
Host: He couldn’t help it.
JHJ: Well, the thing is… everyone I knew always told me I was handsome.
Host 3: Of course! Anyone can clearly see that you are very handsome. Is that the same face you had in junior high?
JHJ: But once I became an actor, I realized I wasn’t so handsome.
Host 1: Where did you live when you were a student?
JHJ: Suyu.
Host 2: Host 1 is from Suyu too.
Caption: The best looking (JHJ) and worst looking (Host 1) from Suyu.
Host 2: He is the ugliest guy in Suyu (referring to Host 1).
JHJ: We went to the same junior high….
Host 1: Junior high….
Host 2 (asking JHJ): Did you hear? He is the kid with his nose stuck to his glasses. (referring to Host 1)
Host 3: JHJ, which celebrity do you think is really handsome?
JHJ: There are so many. (JHJ mentions 3 names) Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, and Kang Dong Wan. I think they are really handsome.
Host 1 whispers to Host 2: JHJ did not mention JG.
JHJ tries to change the topic… everyone laughs at his tactics.
Host 4: He could have said it just to be polite.
JHJ: JG is really a cool guy.
Host 1: But he is not handsome.
JHJ: It is better to be cool when you are an actor.
Host 3: JHJ still won’t say that JG is handsome.
Host 2: So, when you were a student your friends told you all the time that you are handsome. (JHJ says yes.) Did hearing that all the time make you act a bit cautiously?
JHJ: I purposely avoided taking the bus back then.
Hosts: Why?
JHJ: The female students always stared at me. (Hahahaha! Everyone laughs again.)
Host 1: Here we go. JHJ is getting fired up.
Host 2: So how popular were you?
JHJ: Girls went nuts over me. (Hahahahaha!) The reason I am talking about this….
Hosts: Yes, please tell us…
JHJ: There is a reason…. I have met many handsome and accomplished people ever since I became an actor. So, I should not be so cocky (over-confident) and that I should give my best. (Meaning: JHJ knows that to succeed in the acting profession he has to work hard to improve his acting skills. Having good looks are not enough since there are many good-looking actors around.)
Host 1: So, that is the reason.
JHJ: Yes, that is what I wanted to say.
Host 2 (to Host 1): Did you take the bus often when you were a student?
Host 1: Yes, all the time.
Host 3 (to Host 1): Are there any memorable female students from the bus?
Host 1: Yes. One tried to hit me.

Happy Together-001



Credit: English transcript from KBS; video 1 from KBS; all other videos by Ojik. Thanks!

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