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Jo Hyun Jae in variety show “Happy Together”, 2013.02.21 (Part 1 of 4)

Happy Together-006

I have been meaning to update this post for the longest time to include the video with English subtitles of Jo Hyun Jae‘s guesting in the variety show Happy Together (HaeTu). This episode of HaeTu where the “Advertising Genius, LTB” (AGLTB) cast members appeared as guests aired on February 21, 2013.
The video has been divided into 2 parts, below is part 1

Below is the English transcript of the above video. I decided to post the transcript so fans from other countries can translate it easily to their own language.
The hosts introduce their guests, in this order:
Han Chae Young (HCY), the body of Barbie Doll, the face of Audrey Hepburn.
Jin Goo (JG) – Yonggu (idiot), Baekgu (dog), Jingu (charisma)
Park Ha Sun (PHS) – someone who has been a frequent guest in their show
Jo Hyun Jae (JHJ): “He became famous as Andrea in the drama “Love Letter.” Now he is in AGLTB. It is Jo Hyun Jae.”
Han Sunhwa (HSH), a member of an idol girl group who has just started acting.
Editor: When the other 4 guests entered the sauna, all were smiling and confident.  JHJ, on the other hand, looks lost and a bit disoriented. The hosts comment that JHJ is very handsome, that his handsomeness is at a different level, JHJ just looks shyly at the hosts as they comment on his looks.
> The hosts and their guests talk about the drama AGLTB – it is about LTB and the world of advertising, loosely based on the true-to-life story of a Korean advertising man. Then the guests were asked about their respective roles.
JG is Lee Tae Baek (LTB)
HCY says that she is Go Ari, LTB’s former GF who dumped him because he is a loser.
PHS says that she is Baek Jiyun, an intern who wants to be a copywriter.
Host 1 (around 4:20): What about you, JHJ? (JHJ doesn’t answer right away.)
Host 2: He looks a bit nervous.
Host 3: He is very handsome.
Host 1 (to Host 2): He didn’t sleep last night. (Meaning, JHJ still looks very handsome even if he didn’t have any sleep the night before.)
JHJ (explains why he is nervous): It has been awhile since I have done a variety show.
Host 1: When was the last time? (JHJ thinks.)
Host 3: You can’t even remember?
JHJ: I think I was on “Strong Heart.”
Host 1: How were you on that show?
JHJ: I don’t think I was very funny. (Haha! So honest!)
Host 2: So, you think you will not be funny today?
Host 1: The energy you show in variety shows tend to carry to the next variety show shoot. But it is still hard to tell with JHJ. He is really nervous. Look at JG, he is smiling.
Host 3: JHJ, what role do you play?
JHJ: I am an advertising planner. I am also LTB’s rival.
> Host 1 asks HSH about her role. She replies that she is LTB’s younger sister. She reveals that at first she thought that JHJ will play the role of LTB because that is the rumor among the production staff. When she heard that, she researched about JHJ. On the day of the first script reading, she saw JG and wondered what role he will play. However, as the script reading progressed, JG kept reading LTB’s lines. That was when she realized that JG will play LTB. So, then she started researching about JG.
> They talked about what HCY has been doing in recent years – she has been active in China. One of the male hosts shares that when HCY got married, it was a holiday for Korean men. Then he backtracks, and says that he used the wrong word. It shouldn’t be holiday (because people are happy when it is a holiday). What he meant was that men were sad when HCY got married. Then he asks HCY how wide her mouth is (haha). He asked this question because he finds HCY very pretty when she is smiling widely.
> Host 1 asks JG if it is his first time to do a lead role in a drama. JG replies in the affirmative. JG adds that he doesn’t like taking responsibility. Jokingly, he said that if the drama fails, it is the fault of the director. But if it becomes a hit, it is because of his cast mates. He adds that he prefers to think of positive things.
> Host 1 asks PHS what kind of person JG is. PHS replies that he is a hard worker and is full of energy, always encouraging her, sometimes his energy scares her.
> HSH reveals that JG gave her $50 on Seollal (Korean Thanksgiving), and told her to tell everyone that he gave her money. She wondered why JG is always doing nice things for her. So, she asked JG what was his real intention in being nice to her, JG replied “awareness” (HSH, being a member of an idol girl group, has a dedicated fanbase. Therefore, JG is using her to promote himself. When HSH mentions him in her tweets and such, that would be free promotion for him.)
> JHJ was not asked what he has been doing recently.
> HSH reveals that she auditioned for her role in AGLTB.
> HCY reveals that she has never auditioned for a role.
> JG reveals that he has been to many auditions. He got cast after his first audition, but failed all the ones after that. It is revealed that JG’s father was a director of photography. People thought that JG’s father helped him get roles, but actually he didn’t talk much to his father, and his father doesn’t know much about him. He was not supportive of JG’s acting at first, but when a former colleague called the dad to tell him that JG is working hard as an actor, the father became supportive of JG’s career after that.
> PHS shares that she has been to hundreds of auditions for dramas, commercials, movies, etc. Before “Dong Yi” she always auditioned for a role, but after “Dong Yi” she didn’t need to audition anymore.
> Host 3 shares her audition experience. She was told to leave the audition room as soon as the panel saw her, not even giving her the chance to show what she’s got. Other hosts also share their audition experience.
> Host 1 asks HSH since this is her first acting gig, what, for her, is the toughest aspect of acting. HSH replies continuity in eating scenes. She describes a scene wherein she is eating with LTB and Grandma – sipped soup, then spoke, ate rice, then talk again, ate side dish, then talk again. After that scene the PD told her that she acted a lot, she thought she was being praised. What she didn’t realize is that she created a problem for herself. Since they have to shoot one scene from different angles, then actors have to act out the same actions over and over again, in the same order and sequence. The actors have to remember all their actions so that they can do it again during the re-takes to make it seem like the scene was filmed in one continuous flow. Another host reveals that veteran actors eat rice only during eating scenes so that they don’t have to remember so many things.
> Again, JHJ was not asked to share any of his audition or acting experiences.
Comment: I like the revelation by HSH. I never knew that actors have to employ such tricks in filming even the ordinary act of eating in dramas/movies.
> HCY wanted to be a figure skater, but she stopped because (1) she lost her interest in it, and (2) her coach advised her parents that she would be better off doing something else. (Haha! So honest.) Then HCY shares how she was discovered – while visiting Korea with her friends before she was about to start university. She and her friends went to a cafe that happens to be owned by a veteran Korean actor, although they didn’t know at that time that the man owned the cafe. When they saw him in the cafe, HCY approached him to ask for his autograph. The actor said she is pretty, then said that photography is his hobby. He asked HCY if he could take her pictures, then asked for her contact number so he can call her when the pictures are ready. The next day, a man calls her, this man became her first manager.
> JG wanted to be a celebrity. But he took up Advertising in college, instead of theatre, because his father didn’t want him to be an actor. The father advised him to study hard and then become a drama/movie director.
> PHS wanted to be a celebrity also because normal life is boring.
> Then it is JHJ’s turn to share his childhood dream.
Host 1 (around 30:50): JHJ, what was your dream as a kid?
Host 3: Let us get ready to listen.
JHJ: I wanted to be an actor too, since I was in junior high. So, I graduated high school through a qualification exam. I wanted to become an actor. I started as a singer. Back then I was eager to do whatever was asked of me. I was younger then.
Host 2: You prepared to be a singer then?
Host 3: So did you take singing lessons?
JHJ: When I was around 17 or 18. It was a group.
Hosts: It was a dance team? What was the name of the group?
JHJ: I don’t really want to say. (Guests and hosts laugh.)
Hosts: You are supposed to tell us stuff like this.
JHJ: We were called Guardian. (But the hosts think he said “cardigan”.)
Host: So you debuted as a singer?
JHJ: There is another funny aspect. Actor Kim Kang Woo (KKW) was also a member.
Host: So if you debuted as a singer… that’s a good-looking group. Can’t believe that KKW is in Guardian.
Host 4: What was KKW’s role in the group?
JHJ: He was the rapper.
Host 4: Were you the lead vocalist?
JHJ: I was a vocalist.
Host: What was title of the song? Do you still remember? (JHJ took time to answer. It seems like he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.)
JHJ: “Sad Relation”
Host 1: Can you sing it for us?
JHJ: I will just sing a Yoon Do Hyun song.
JHJ sings the chorus part of the song “Love Two.”
Captions read: A voice women like….. He is good….. Guardian’s vocalist!
Hosts start chanting “Guardian”…. “Guardian”…. (Caption: They want to see the group reunite! Haha!)
JHJ: I never thought I’d end up singing here.
Host 3: You were great.
Host says JG made a music album. JG clarifies that it was not released publicly. JG sings the chorus portion of the song.
Host 1 (around 35:10): JHJ, do you have nicknames while you were growing up?
JHJ: My friends call me “old man” or “old geezer.” (Because he is always serious? Or because his views are quite traditional?)
Host 3: That’s about right.
Host 2: When did you realize you were handsome?
JHJ: When I was in junior high. I thought I was hot stuff back then (Haha! Everyone laughs. JHJ covers his face in embarrassment.)
Caption: He is funny every time he talks.
Host: He couldn’t help it.
JHJ: Well, the thing is… everyone I knew always told me I was handsome.
Host 3: Of course! Anyone can clearly see that you are very handsome. Is that the same face you had in junior high? (Is she asking JHJ if he had had surgery? In any case, it seems JHJ didn’t hear her question.)
JHJ: But once I became an actor, I realized I wasn’t so handsome.
Host 1: Where did you live when you were a student?
JHJ: Suyu.
Host 2: Host 1 is from Suyu too.
Caption: The best looking (JHJ) and worst looking (Host 1) from Suyu.
Host 2: He is the ugliest guy in Suyu (referring to Host 1).
JHJ: We went to the same junior high….
Host 1: Junior high….
Host 2 (asking JHJ): Did you hear? He is the kid with his nose stuck to his glasses. (referring to Host 1)
Host 3: JHJ, which celebrity do you think is really handsome?
JHJ: There are so many. (JHJ mentions 3 names) Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, and Kang Dong Wan. I think they are really handsome.
Host 1 whispers to Host 2: JHJ did not mention JG.
JHJ tries to change the topic… everyone laughs at his tactics.
Host 4: He could have said it just to be polite.
JHJ: JG is really a cool guy.
Host 1: But he is not handsome.
JHJ: It is better to be cool when you are an actor.
Host 3: JHJ still won’t say that JG is handsome.
Host 2: So, when you were a student your friends told you all the time that you are handsome. (JHJ says yes.) Did hearing that all the time make you act a bit cautiously?
JHJ: I purposely avoided taking the bus back then.
Hosts: Why?
JHJ: The female students always stared at me. (Hahahaha! Everyone laughs again.)
Host 1: Here we go. JHJ is getting fired up.
Host 2: So how popular were you?
JHJ: Girls went nuts over me. (Hahahahaha!) The reason I am talking about this….
Hosts: Yes, please tell us…
JHJ: There is a reason…. I have met many handsome and accomplished people ever since I became an actor. So, I should not be so cocky (over-confident) and that I should give my best. (Meaning: JHJ knows that to succeed in the acting profession he has to work hard to improve his acting skills. Having good looks is not enough since there are many good-looking actors around.)
Host 1: So, that is the reason.
JHJ: Yes, that is what I wanted to say.
Host 2 (to Host 1): Did you take the bus often when you were a student?
Host 1: Yes, all the time.
Host 3 (to Host 1): Are there any memorable female students from the bus?
Host 1: Yes. One tried to hit me. JG, were you popular with the girls?
JG: I was the one who chases the girls. I would wait. I would bring flowers.
Host: What was your nickname?
JG: I have had a complex about my name and skin tone since I was a kid. I fought a lot as a kid. I hated it when other kids made fun of my name.
Credit: Photo from johyunjaechina.com; Happy Together video and English subtitles from KBS  Thanks!

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