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5 Saguek Male Leads You Need to Meet


This article is from another blog. I thought it would be interesting to share it here with you.
The blogger, AidaZen, lists 5 Korean male leads in sageuks (or historical or period or costume dramas) whom she recommends to her readers that they should watch. Our Jo Hyun Jae made her list based on his portrayal of Crown Prince Myeong Nong in “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang.” The blogger admits that she hasn’t watched our Prince’s other historical dramas like “Seo Dong Yo” and “Great Ambition”, but she says that she plans to watch “Seo Dong Yo” next.
Here is what the blogger has to say about JHJ as Crown Prince Myeong Nong.
Jo Hyun-jae
In Subaek Hyang aka King’s Daughter our male lead was a study in masculinity and emotion. And hot diggety he knew his way around a kiss scene like no other. He then rocked a few battle scenes like a boss and he still made our hearts melt when he tried to win the affections of his beloved.
AidaZen’s score for JHJ is, of course, a perfect 10/10!

Myeong Nong 030

If you want to read the rest of her post, just click on the link below.

I Dreamed A Drama


Sagueks have always been my thing and incidentally the first Kdrama I ever saw was a saguek/historical drama.

Since then I’ve never stopped looking out for great historical/period dramas with a little bit of fusion if available.

They may not be the best ratings magnet but many can deliver a meaty offering to satisfy most tastes.

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One thought on “5 Saguek Male Leads You Need to Meet

  1. JHJ looks good in both modern and historical. He is one of the few. Although those guys above are pretty good too. The guy on the bottom left is Ji Chang Wook and he looks good in both modern and historical like Hyun Jae Oppa. I think he is the only candidate that can possibly compete with our HJ oppa~

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