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Jo Hyun Jae on Facebook, 2015.04.16

JHJ Misc82

Jo Hyun Jae updated his official Facebook page today. The photos are not new since they have been released previously, but it is great to know that he hasn’t forgotten his FB password. 😀

Up top is JHJ’s new profile picture. That plus the 2 photos below were released by HB Entertainment when JHJ signed up with them.

The 2 photos came with a simple message from JHJ: It has been a long time.

JHJ Misc81 JHJ Misc88

JHJ also shared photos from his KWave pictorial. The photos came with this message:

지난달에 제주도에서 촬영한 케이웨이브 화보에요.
오랜만에 방문한 제주는 역시나 진리였습니다 +.+

KWave pictorial shot in Jeju Island last month.
It has been a long time since I last visited Jeju Island. +.+

2015.04 KWave-21 2015.04 KWave-22 2015.04 KWave-232015.04 KWave-62


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/johyunjae


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