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Jo Hyun Jae in Korean TV Drama No. 66 (Interview, Part 4)

2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-11a

Here is part 4 of my English translation of Jo Hyun Jae‘s interview with appeared in the April 2015 issue of the Japanese magazine “Korean TV Dramas” (No. 66). My English translation is not verbatim.
OMG, JHJ made me laugh so much with some of his answers! 😀
Link to Part 3.
Q16: In Episode 17 there is a scene where Myeong Nong pretended in front of Seolnan that he is her husband. You were so funny, I was so impressed.
JHJ: Oh, yes, there is that scene. I was surprised with that scene as well. Myeong Nong started out as a little bit cold-hearted, so I had no idea that he would change 180 degrees later in the drama.
While being called “husband” by Seolnan, in his head Myeong Nong is thinking that the woman must be crazy, but in front of Seolnan he has to pretend that he is indeed her husband.
I never thought that Myeong Nong would return the joke to Seolnan.
But, I really had to force myself not to laugh while filming this scene so as not to deviate from what was required of my character in this particular scene and in that particular stage of the story.

Myeong Nong Ep017-020 Myeong Nong Ep017-021 Myeong Nong Ep017-023 Myeong Nong Ep017-030 Myeong Nong Ep017-032

Q17: You haven’t had much experience doing comedy before this drama. Didn’t you find it strange doing comedy this time?
JHJ: Thankfully the Director gave me good advice.
Halfway through I have become accustomed to acting the funny scenes, so I was able to act the comedic scenes comfortably.
I also practiced how I would do the scenes where I am supposed to be funny or clumsy.
The Director even said that I can act in a comedy drama or movie in my next project. Considering that I have very little experience acting in comedies prior to “King’s Daughter, SBH” (KDSBH), it was high praise indeed.
Q18: There is a scene where you and Seolnan engaged in a practice sword fight (Episode 40). Did you have to be more careful with your moves because your opponent is a woman?
JHJ: I have previous experience having a female for an opponent in the action drama “Gumiho” (a.k.a. “Forbidden Love”, KBS, 2004).
When you are doing an action sequence (or fight scene) with a male opponent it is very easy to make adjustments to your movement. But when your opponent in the action sequence is a female, there is a little bit of pressure.
When filming fight scenes the actors don’t actually hit each other, because the actors are supposed to stop at a reasonable distance from each other. In the case of women, the adjustment seems difficult. That is why in “Gumiho” I got hit a lot during my fight scenes with Kim Tae Hee. (Laughs.) 😀 But, I think SHJ did quite well.

Myeong Nong Ep 40-04a

Q19: After the sword fight practice scene, Myeong Nong removed the large stones buried on the ground of the practice field for safety. Where those your hands that removed those large stones? They are very beautiful.
JHJ: Only my hands are beautiful? hahaha… I am sorry, just kidding. 😀
Those are certainly my hands. My fans would be able to tell for certain that those are my hands. During filming, the Director would occasionally use an understudy (substitute) for some scenes. But for this scene, I said I will do it myself because the fans will surely know if we use someone else’s hands.
Editor: JHJ is aware that his fans are obsessed with his hands. 😀
Myeong Nong Ep 40-03aMyeong Nong Ep 40-03b
Q20: Do you think you have the “eyes” to see a person’s hidden qualities just like Myeong Nong?
JHJ: No, I don’t have that. Actually I am quite gullible….hahaha
For example, if you try to sell me something that costs 3 million won, but you tell me that it costs 5 million?
I will probably believe you. I am really easy to rip off.
And because I get deceived so easily, I always consult my older sister before I buy anything. (Laughs.)
Credit: Japanese transcript provided by Hiromi @ club.brokore.com/sodonyo; Photo 1 scanned by Kimy Kukuchan; Photos 2-6 screen captures from DC/JHJ; Photos 7-9 screen captures by Ojik. Thanks!

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