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Jo Hyun Jae in Korean TV Drama No. 66 (Interview, Part 2)

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Here is Part 2 of my English translation of Jo Hyun Jae‘s interview which appeared on the Japanese book on Korean dramas called “Korean TV Dramas” (No. 66), released in Japan this month. My translation is not verbatim.
I am amazed at some of JHJ’s answers – they are quite long! 😀
Link to Part 1 of interview.
Q7. How did you play Myeong Nong given his character development?
JHJ: Initially, Myeong Nong has a tendency to be monotonous. I have to portray him as a prince of impeccable character.
However, after meeting Seolnan, other parts of Myeong Nong’s personality are revealed.
Falling in love for the first time, there is confusion. A bit clumsy, but slowly the personality changes, making the character more attractive.
After I met Seolnan, I was able to show the comical side of the character.
Initially, Myeong Nong was not a cheerful person, but gradually, as the drama progressed, I can feel the fun of portraying the character.
Q8. You have this dialogue in the drama “yak, yak, yak, yak, and your lips are still gorgeous.”
JHJ: In real life, I don’t say things like that. In real life, I may seem unnecessarily blunt… (smiles wryly)
Editor: The dialogue appeared in Episode 69 during “bomb kiss”. You can re-watch that scene at this link.

Myeong Nong Ep 69-05

Q9: But Jo Hyun Jae ssi looks very affectionate (or loving or tender)
JHJ: I am not saying that I am not affectionate. What I am saying is that I may not be as affectionate as Myeong Nong.
Because Myeong Nong is clumsy in love, he is unsure about what he is feeling, doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know how to control his expressions.
He is terribly blunt, his tactics [in love] are also poor. Often jealous.
However, I think his clumsiness is also good. Well, I think Myeong Nong’s clumsiness looks sweet and gentle, although some may disagree with that.
But I don’t know if I would do the same things Myeong Nong did… (smiles wryly)
Q10: There was a scene where you showed jealousy when you saw Gaya King and Seolnan getting along fine. I think that scene was lovely.
JHJ: hahaha, I remember that (laughs)
I really had a great time when we filmed that scene.
Kim Young Jae senior who played Gaya King, we helped each other while filming, so it was great fun to work with him.
While we were filming, both of us were busy because we have to memorize an enormous amount of dialogues.
It was a difficult situation, but despite that the 2 of us were able to overcome that tough situation and were able to film happily.
Even though we were filming out in the field all night, we still had so much fun working.
It was even fun working with Lee Jae Ryong senior who played father in the drama.
I hope I get the chance to work with them again in the future, maybe in a drama set in modern times.
Either as siblings who are fighting with each other, or even as enemies, I think it would be interesting to work with them again.
Myeong Nong’s hurt expression upon seeing Sunimun and Seolnan together.

Myeong Nong Ep 82-13



Credit: Japanese transcript provided by Hiromi @ club.brokore.com/sodonyo; Photo 1 scanned by Kimy Kukuchan; Photo 2 screen capture from KDSBH posted on DC/JHJ; Photo 3 screen capture from KDSBH posted by Ojik. Thanks!

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