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Jo Hyun Jae in Korean TV Drama No. 66 (Photos)

2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-1a

Jo Hyun Jae is featured in the Japanese book on Korean dramas called “Korean TV Drama” (No. 66). Aside from JHJ, the drama “King’s Daughter, SBH”, co-stars Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Tae Su, and PD Lee Sang Yeob are also featured in this book.

These photos are not mine. If you are going to post the pictures somewhere else, please credit Hiromi from the Japanese fan site “Crazy for Hyun Jae” @ club.brokore.com/sodonyo. Thanks!

2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-12015.04 KoreanTVDrama-1a2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-1b2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-1c2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-22015.04 KoreanTVDrama-2a2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-2c2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-2b2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-32015.04 KoreanTVDrama-3a2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-3b2015.04 KoreanTVDrama-4


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