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Jo Hyun Jae in KWave Magazine, 2015.04 (Photos and news articles)

2015.04 KWave-21

Various Korean news outlets released reports today about Jo Hyun Jae‘s special feature in the April 2015 issue of KWave magazine.
I will not translate the articles anymore because they just repeat what was already written in the interview which I posted yesterday titled “Jo Hyun Jae, pureness resembling nature” (Link)
Below are links to some of the articles released today on this topic. I translated the titles of the articles.
조현재 “내 역할에 몰입하고자 캐릭터 생각 또 생각”[포토엔]
Jo Hyun Jae, “I think about my character over and over again to get into my role.”

2015.04 KWave-22

조현재 ‘아름다운 자연과 함께’
Jo Hyun Jae “together with beautiful nature”

2015.04 KWave-23

조현재, 한층 깊어진 눈빛…제주 사려니숲 배경 화보 촬영
Jo Hyun Jae, his gaze has become much deeper… photo shoot on Jeju Island, with Saryeoni Forest as backdrop
조현재, 카리스마 있는 자태… ‘화보 인생이야’
Jo Hyun Jae, charismatic appearance… “pictorial life”
[화보] 조현재, 어느덧 30대 중반 ‘여전한 훈남 미모’
Jo Hyun Jae, even in his mid-30s “still a beautiful Korean man”
If the big-sized photos above are not enough for you, then here are much bigger-sized photos… (1000 x 1499) 😀

2015.04 KWave-36 2015.04 KWave-37

There are more news articles on this topic aside from the ones I posted here, but I can’t trace them all anymore. There are so many updates today and with my internet connection being unstable today, I am having difficulty keeping up with the posts. 😀


Credit: See logos on photos for credit. Thanks!

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