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Jo Hyun Jae in KWave Digital Magazine, 2015.04 (Photos)

2015.04 KWave-26

Credit: Johyunjaethailand @ https://www.facebook.com/Johyunjaethailand

Jo Hyun Jae‘s special feature in the April 2015 issue of KWave magazine can now be downloaded as a digital magazine through Google Play using your Android phones. The digital magazine is available in Korean, Japanese and English.
To download, please go to this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.winny.kwave.book. Look for KWave No. 58 for JHJ’s feature story.
The picture up top is my favorite. The background is such a perfect setting for JHJ… makes me want to write a poem. It reminds me of this saying: “In every picture there is a poem, in every poem there is a picture.”
Here are additional pictures from the digital magazine posted by Ojik, Miok Jang and Yukiko Yokoyama in their respective FB accounts. Thanks!
2015.04 KWave-34
There are some who fans didn’t like some of the styling done on JHJ in this photoshoot. It must be the guy-liner. 😀  I prefer JHJ in simple style as well. However, we should remember that JHJ is an actor. As such, JHJ should not limit himself to just one style. I salute JHJ and his handlers for keeping an open-mind and for being unafraid to try something different this time around. 2015.04 KWave-352015.04 KWave-25 2015.04 KWave-27 2015.04 KWave-28 2015.04 KWave-29 2015.04 KWave-30 2015.04 KWave-312015.04 KWave-322015.04 KWave-332015.04 KWave-58
And here is another favorite:

2015.04 KWave-57


Credit: johyunjaethailand FB page; FB accounts of Ojik, Miok Jang and Yukiko Yokoyama. Thanks!

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