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Jo Hyun Jae in KWave Magazine, 2015.04 (Photos)

2015.04 KWave-1

Here are Jo Hyun Jae‘s photos from his feature in the April 2015 issue of KWave Magazine. The shoot was done on Jeju Island sometime last month. There is also an interview, and it seems the article is in Korean and English; I don’t need to translate! The article is titled “Pureness Resembling the [sic] Nature”. But I need a clearer copy because I can’t read the text even after I have zoomed in.

It has been 2 years since JHJ’s last magazine shoot (for Sure Magazine, April 2013 issue; links here and here.). So, what do you think of JHJ’s latest magazine feature?

My favorite is the one immediately below because JHJ is not wearing guy-liners in this photo. JHJ’s eyes are so beautiful already, they don’t need guy-liners to enhance them.

2015.04 KWave-2

I also like the one below.

2015.04 KWave-3But, I do think JHJ is pretty cool with guy-liners. ❤2015.04 KWave-5 2015.04 KWave-7 2015.04 KWave-9 2015.04 KWave-10 2015.04 KWave-112015.04 KWave-42015.04 KWave-82015.04 KWave-6I was able to read one question from the page below:

Interviewer: Is there any special reason for going up to the mountain?

JHJ: Well, it’s because the mountain is there. 😀

2015.04 KWave-12For those who want a bigger version: 580 x 1390

2015.04 KWave-13

Credit: All photos from CarpeDiem Japan @ hyunjaelove.jp. Thanks!


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