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King’s Daughter: Myeong Nong, Seolhee and Sado reunite


Jo Hyun Jae reunites with “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” co-stars Sado (guy in the middle) and Seolhee (actress Seo Woo) in the above photo.

I do not know the circumstances surrounding this photo, but it always makes me happy to see JHJ keeping in touch with former co-stars.

I hope Seolhee is not using Sado in another plot to get rid of Myeong Nong and Seolnan. 😀



Credit: DC/JHJ @ gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae


5 thoughts on “King’s Daughter: Myeong Nong, Seolhee and Sado reunite

  1. Seo Woo looks like a doll, so jealous! I shouldn’t be too jealous but Seo Woo is really pretty. Although, I hear that it’s all plastic surgery……

    I think the girl that played Solan or rather Seo Hyun Jin has natural beauty, Seo Woo is pretty but her eyes just don’t look very natural.

    JHJ seems so sweet to people that he works with. He may be shy but seems to have a laid back personality.

    • I heard that about Seo Woo also. I felt bad for her when KDSBH was airing because many viewers bashed her because of her alleged plastic surgeries.

      Many of JHJ’s former co-workers always say that he is sweet, kind, thoughtful and very warm. Not just fellow actors but prod staff and crew as well.

      • I fell for Hyun Jae oppa’s gentle ways. Sorry, if I refer to him as oppa while everyone else calls him JHJ. Well, he is older than me so and when I got into him I was really young and I called him oppa from the very beginning so to me he is more Hyun Jae oppa than JHJ lol.

        Wow people bashed her? That’s not nice. I would never bash anyone cus of plastic surgery. All I’m saying is that her eyes seem to stand out since it just looks too thick. I don’t think it’s her fault. I think it’s whoever did the surgery on her.

        Btw, who is your favorite JHJ love interest? He has had a lot but so far I really enjoyed his interactions with SHJ that played Solan. Also, Han Chae Young from Only You~

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