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King Rouge: Episode 5 recap (Updated)

Editor: This post has been updated to include explanations that were contributed by one of our visitors in the blog, Tonyee. Thanks!
Link to Episode 4 recap
The video for episode 5 begins with scenes that were already shown in episode 4:
1. Scene at the Wolf bandits’ lair where Dumb Wolf presents the traps they have set up to capture Ding Bang and Wu Kui when they go to Hero’s Cliff to pay ransom for Master Yuan Tou.
2. Ding Bang and Wu Kui arguing on who should go to Hero’s Cliff to bring the ransom money and rescue Master Yuan Tou.
So let us skip these scenes and move on with the story.

Ding Bang and Wu Kui go to Prince Fu’s palace.  Ding Bang greets the Prince, but was told by a manservant to greet the prince properly – lower himself by greeting the prince on his knees.
Wu Kui is surprised by this instruction because China is now a republic and no longer a monarchy. Therefore technically the prince is no longer a prince, and should be greeted by Ding Bang and Wu Kui as an equal.  Wu Kui is even more surprised to see his father follow the instruction of the manservant.

Wu Kui remains standing which displeases Prince and Concubine. Ding Bang gestures for Wu Kui to kneel, but Wu Kui reasons out that they are no longer required to pay that kind of respect. This causes Prince and Concubine to be even more displeased with Wu Kui.

Before the disagreement could escalate any further Moya arrives and helps Ding Bang to his feet.  Moya gently remonstrates with her father and stepmother for such outdated practices.   Moya also informs her father that Wu Kui is the one who saved her from the bandits, so Father should be thanking Wu Kui instead.

Moya’s father has no choice but to thank Wu Kui.  There is more negative remarks from Concubine but Moya defends Wu Kui, thus Wu Kui ends up admiring Moya even more.  Look at the smile on Wu Kui’s face – he is so smitten! 😀
Moya’s father invites Ding Bang and Wu Kui to have dinner with them but Ding Bang declines, saying that they are busy (to save Master Yuan Tou). This, again, is a show of disrespect to the Prince. Prince and Concubine are miffed. Concubine continues to say things to show her displeasure.
While on their way out, Wu Kui becomes worried that he might die rescuing Master Yuan Tou, and wants to let Moya know of his feelings for her before leaving, but decides not to say anything in the end.

Prince gives a set of keys to Moya.  Moya goes to the storeroom that contains the treasures of their family.  As the person-in-charge of this room escorts her around while introducing the treasures to her, one treasure box is knocked off the shelf and spilled its contents on the floor – fake paintbrushes!
Moya instructs the manservant to open more treasure boxes – more fake treasures are revealed.  Moya accuses the manservant of stealing her family’s treasures, the manservant finally reveals that the family treasures are being sold by Prince and Concubine so that they can maintain their lifestyle. The manservant further reveals that Prince and Concubine sell the treasures without each other’s knowledge. Moya asks what the Concubine used the money for but receives no definite answer.

The policemen are giving the “protection fee” they collected through harassment from the townsfolk to Wu Chuzi. Some of them attempts to hide a part of the fee for themselves but fail.
Concubine arrives and gives Wu Chuzi a purse for Moya’s birthday.
Lei-er tries to return the clothes Moya gave her but the guards outside the palace do not allow her to enter. They did not believe that the princess knows her.
Wu Chuzi goes to a fortune teller. In Chinese custom you have to go to a fortune teller to check whether your birthday matches with your future partner before getting married. At the fortune teller Chuzi is asked what his birthday is so that it can be matched with Moya’s, but Chuzi doesn’t know, saying that his parents died early. He asks the fortune teller to make up a good birthday that matches with Moya’s. He also asks for a new name that sounds more authoritative, hence the document.

Lei-er goes to work at a quarry.

The townspeople force Wu Chuzi and his men to do their job of hunting down the bandits. They have paid the protection fee so the police should do their part in solving the problem with the bandits.

Ding Bang and Wu Kui begin their journey on foot to Hero’s Cliff to deliver the ransom money and rescue Master Yuan Tou.

They were able to escape Aunt Gui only after Wu Kui put something in Aunt Gui’s tea to make her sleep.  Naughty boy!

Manager of quarry where Lei-er works tries to escape without paying the workers.  Lei-er stops him, so he throws some coins at her, but the money is not the amount he promised her he’d pay her for a day’s work so Lei-er scares him into paying the right amount by showing him her super-power.  He was about to pay her when the other workers showed up demanding their pay.  While Lei-er is distracted the manager runs away.  Lei-er and the other workers chase the manager.
Wu Chuzi and police force begin their journey to the woods to search for the bandits.
As the 2 groups of people – quarry manager being chased by Lei-er and labourers, and police force looking for the bandits – wander through the woods, they keep releasing all the traps set up by the Wolf gang to trap Wu Kui and his father, hence father and son are able to go on their journey to Hero’s Cliff without being captured.
Ding Bang and Wu Kui come across one of the traps where the quarry manager fell in.  They decide to separate to check the surrounding area for more traps.
At one point, Wu Kui and Lei-er ran across each other, with Lei-er saving Wu Kui from one of the traps.  Father and son meet up again and decide to continue on their journey.

Dumb Wolf and his gang go to Hero’s Cliff waiting for father and son to be captured in one of their traps.  They leave Master Yuan Tou at a nearby cave guarded by 3 bandits.
Master Yuan Tou tries to escape but one of the bandits guarding him blows the whistle, and he goes catatonic again.
Wu Chuzi and his men continue to wander through the woods and keep being captured by the traps set by the Wolf bandits.
Lei-er finally chases down the quarry manager near the caves where Master Yuan Tou is being held captive.  Lei-er demands her pay, took the money box from the quarry manager, and takes only the amount that is due her.
Quarry manager is so happy to still have most of his money. Unbeknownst to him, however, the 3 bandits guarding Master Yuan Tou saw what happened and they knock him off to steal his money.
While the 3 bandits are gloating over their hoard, Master Yuan Tou wakes up.

Ding Bang and Wu Kui arrive at Hero’s Cliff and are immediately surrounded by Dumb Wolf and his gang. Ding Bang refuses to hand over the ransom money until Master Yuan Tou is released.
Dumb Wolf orders to send the signal that will tell the 3 bandits guarding Master Yuan Tou to bring him to Hero’s Cliff.  However, when the 3 bandits return to the cave, Master Yuan Tou is no longer around.
When the 3 bandits do not appear with Master Yuan Tou, Dumb Wolf sends one of his men to the cave to find out what is happening.  The bandit returns to inform Dumb Wolf that Master Yuan Tou has disappeared.

Wu Kui gets mad at this – he and his father kept their side of the bargain and brought the ransom money as instructed, but the bandits do not know how to keep their promise.

Hua Lang starts to attack father and son, Wu Kui blocks the attack and sends Hua Lang to the ground.
Next to attack is Feng Lang, again Wu Kui blocks the attack and sends Feng Lang to the ground too.

Those are 2 moves already.  Wu Kui can only last 3 moves before he loses his strength and he knows this, so he begins to worry.  But he meets Dumb Wolf’s charge.  He is able to parry it, but almost loses his footing.  Wu Kui is now breathing hard, knowing that he has no more strength if the fight continues. Poor baby.

Wu Kui prepares to die.

Wu Chuzi and his men blunder into the clearing where the fight is taking place. This is the only drama where the police arrives in time to save the hero. 😀
The bandits attack the police, the policemen run away.  Ding Bang and Wu Kui are left on their own so they leave the area.
Wu Chuzi is surrounded by the bandits, but when he is about to surrender he accidentally trips the trigger of his rifle.  The explosion from the rifle sends the bandits running in all direction.  Wu Chuzi encounters Dumb Wolf and accidentally shoots him in the leg.

I like the scene at the beginning of the episode where Xiao DingBang and Wu Kui go to the Prince’s residence, and father and son were told to pay proper respect to the Prince.  That scene is a very good way to show insight into the changes that China was going through during the time period in which this drama is set.
China is no longer a monarchy, but there are still people clinging to the glories of the past – referring to Prince, Concubine and their servants.
Then there are people who stand in the middle – people like Xiao Ding Bang who would follow the old ways whenever necessary for business reasons; and people like Moya, who purports to embrace the present and future China whenever it is to her advantage, but deep in her heart she hankers for the old days when the royalty is the ruling class.
On the extreme end of the spectrum is someone like Wu Kui who has fully embraced the changes that is going on in his country, and feels impatient when he encounters outdated thinking in others.
And then, of course, there are the marginalized members of society – people like Lei-er and the Wolf bandits – they soldier on, surviving as best they could no matter who the masters of land are.
As a viewer of this drama, it is best to keep in mind this cultural dynamics at this particular time period because it will color the decisions and actions of everyone involved in this adventure.
Credit: Video as labelled; Thanks to Tonyee for help with the recap.

6 thoughts on “King Rouge: Episode 5 recap (Updated)

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  2. About the conversation between Xiao DingBang and Prince:
    No he did not ask for help, just say that he’s busy (to save Yuan Tou) and thus can’t stay for dinner. It’s again a show of disrespect so the Prince and concubine are miffed and said things. Wu Kui was worried that he might died rescuing Yuan Tou, and want to let Moya know his feeling before leaving, but said nothing in the end.

    About the family treasure:
    Yes the manservant told her that the treasure were sold by the Prince and Concubine, but behind each other’s back. Moya asked what the Concubine used the money for but received no definite answer.

    The purse given to Chuzi:
    That was not money, it’s the birthday of Moya. In Chinese custom you have to go to a fortune teller to check whether your birthday match with your future partner before getting married. The men were harassing the town people to give them “protection fee”, and should hand them all to Chuzi, but some attempted to hide a part for themselves (and failed). At the fortune teller Chuzi was asked what his birthday is so that it can be matched with Moya’s, but Chuzi don’t know, saying that his parents died early. He asked the fortune teller to make up a good birthday that matched with Moya’s , and also a new name that sounds more authoritative, hence the document.

    Why town people chase them out:
    Indeed the town people were forcing them to do their job – hunt down the bandits. They have collected all those “protection money” after all so really should do something….

  3. Nay, I should thank you for the great site and recap instead. Been lurking your site for a long while and just happen to see that these questions are not answered yet, so there. Keep up the good work! 😉

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