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Jo Hyun Jae on instagram again, 2015.03.19


Here is another picture of Jo Hyun Jae posted on EJKate’s instagram account. EJKate is editor of KWave magazine. The above picture and the one below, which I posted yesterday, were taken after JHJ’s photoshoot for KWave magazine. A Japanese fan called KWave magazine office yesterday to ask if JHJ will be featured in KWave. She was told that JHJ will be in the April issue of KWave magazine which will be released on April 1.

Based on some of the hashtags used by EJKate (#jeju and #lustonhotel), it seems the photoshoot was done on Jeju Island. I am looking forward to seeing JHJ’s photos in the picturesque island of Jeju. JHJ is such a nature boy so I am sure he will fit right in.

Here is the message that accompanied the above picture:

회식 할 때 흔히 볼 수 있는 배우의 눈빛… #조현재
Small party after photo shooting. He is not acting, just enjoying and listening what people saying… His eyes…
#ChoHyunJae #omg #jeju #lustonhotel #staffroom

English translation of the Korean portion of the message: It is when dining together that you can see the eyes of an actor. #johyunjae

Hmmmm, it seems we have another one who has been captured by JHJ’s beautiful, soulful eyes. 😀



Credit: https://instagram.com/kyakyakate/


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