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Jo Hyun Jae at “Age of Innocence” VIP movie premiere, 2015.03.02 (Video and screencaps)

The above video is the official release video of the VIP movie premiere of “Age of Innocence” which was held last March 2.

Our Jo Hyun Jae appears 3 times in this video:

(1) 0:45 – before the screening began
(2) 1:10 – inside the theater. You have to keep your eyes peeled to see where JHJ is seated. Eagle-eyed Japanese fan Michie Hirayama managed to make a screen capture (pictured below) of JHJ inside the theater. From the angle of the camera I can’t tell if JHJ is seated immediately beside the girl or if there is a seat between them. Hmmmm…..

2015.03.02 Age of Innocence Premiere-35
(3) 2:25 – after the screening. Sorry, I don’t understand what JHJ said. 😀

2015.03.02 Age of Innocence Premiere-31


Credit: Video as labelled; Screencap 1 by Michie Hirayama; Screencap 2 by DC/JHJ @ Thanks!


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