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King’s Daughter: Jeongeupsa (정읍사) -Updated

King's Daughter fanmade poster47Editor: This post was originally published on November 12, 2013. I updated the post to include the English translation of Jeongeupsa that was used in the drama.


The main theme song of “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” (KDSBH) is titled Jeongeupsa (정읍사) or Song of Jeongeup. This is Chae Hwa’s song for Jung (later King Muryeong.) This is also the bgm used in all the love and romantic scenes of our main OTP Crown Prince Myeong Nong and Seolnan as in the video below.
Note: Jeongeup (or Jeongeup-si) is also a city in present-day North Jeolla Province, South Korea.


Jeongeupsa is an old Korean song from the Baekje era (18 BCE – 660 CE) that a woman sings to her peddler husband while he is away from home selling his wares. The song in its present form was recorded during the Joseon period (1392-1910). Scholars say the original Baekje version may differ considerably from the Joseon version. For the drama, the Writer changed the lyrics once more.
The lyrics below are from the Joseon period:
달하 노피곰 도다샤
dalha nopigom dodasya
Moon, rise high up
어긔야 머리곰 비취오시라
eogui ya meoligom bichwiosila
and beam far away.
어긔야 어강됴리
eogui ya eogangdyoli
아흐 아으 다롱디리
Aheu a-eu darong diri
져재 녀러신고요
jyeojae nyeoleosingoyo
In the market, I fear
어긔야 즌디랄 드리욜셰라
eoguiya jeundilal deuliyolsyela
you may step on mud.
어긔야 어강됴리
eogui ya eogangdyoli
어느이다 노코시라
Eoneu-ida nokosila
Lay all down, I fear
어긔야 내가논대 졈그랄 셰라
eoguiya naeganondae jyeomgeulal syela
dark may fall on you.
어긔야 어강됴리
eogui ya eogangdyoli
아으 다롱디리
ah-eu darong diri


According to the book “Classical Poetic Songs of Korea”, Jeongeupsa can be interpreted in different ways.  But the underlying theme of the song is that of a “woman who wishes her husband safe passage to a faraway place. Worried, she prays to the moon to light a path for her beloved man.”
The refrains “eogui-ya,” “eogangdyoli,” “ah eu,” “darong diri,” etc. are just meaningless words added to the song.
In KDSBH, the Korean lyrics are the same as the one I posted above. However, the English translation of the song (see below) is different from the English translation above. The English translation below is based on the English subtitles provided by MBC.
Moon so high in the sky,
hear my plea.
My love has gone
far away, bring him back to me.
Water flows to the sea,
come back to me.
As water flows to the sea,
come back to me…
come back to me…

Myeong Nong Ep 24-06Myeong Nong Ep 26-005Myeong Nong Ep 26-007Myeong Nong Ep 26-044


Credit: Photo 1 from DC/SBH; other photos from gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae; Classical Poetic Songs of KoreaJeungeupsa on Korean Wiki; English lyrics from MBC. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “King’s Daughter: Jeongeupsa (정읍사) -Updated

    • I really thought I have updated this post already to include the English translation of the song. 😀 I guess it slipped my mind.

      Anyway, post updated already to include the English translation used in the drama.

  1. Please i want to download the song Moon so high in th sky,but i can’t find where to download it from,can you plz give me a link to download it

    • You can type these characters “정읍사 download” on your browser, then search for it. I am sure you will be given many options where to download the song.

  2. I love this song! It never occurred to me that it was used a long time ago ! 😀 I thought it was a new song 🙂 used in Su Baek hyang :3

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