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King’s Daughter: Episode 108 screen captures – Love is everlasting

King's Daughter fanmade poster53AMARANTINE

You know when you give your love away It opens your heart Everything is new And you know time will always find a way To let your heart believe it’s true.
You know love is everything you say A whisper, a word, Promises you give You feel it in the heartbeat of the day You know this is the way love is.
Chorus (2x) Amarantine… Amarantine… Amarantine… Love is… Love is… Love…
You know love may sometimes make you cry So let the tears go They will flow away For you know love will always let you fly How far a heart can fly away?
Repeat Chorus 3x
You know when love’s shining in your eyes It may be the stars Fallen from above And you know love is with you when you rise For night and day belong to love.
“Amarantine” is a Greek word which means everlasting or immortal. My wish for Crown Prince Myeong Nong and Seolnan’s love is for it to last forever…. or at least, for the duration of their time on earth. How much time has lapsed between their last parting in episode 107 and this meeting in episode 108? Was it just a few months? Just a year? We don’t know.
Based on historical records King Seong ruled Baekje for only 31 years, which means he and Seolnan had less than 31 years together as a married couple. It pains me every time I think how King Seong died (based on historical records) and how short his remaining life on earth was after he became king, so I really hope that he was blissfully happy with his queen for his remaining years on earth.
Here are additional screen captures from episode 108….

Myeong Nong Ep 108-17Myeong Nong Ep 108-17a Myeong Nong Ep 108-17b Myeong Nong Ep 108-17c Myeong Nong Ep 108-17d Myeong Nong Ep 108-17e Myeong Nong Ep 108-17f

BGM Information:
Song title: Amarantine Singer: Enya


Credit: Poster 1 from DC/SBH; Screen captures by Ojik @ Naver. Thanks!

One thought on “King’s Daughter: Episode 108 screen captures – Love is everlasting

  1. At least it was a happy ending. I would have been so heart broken if it didn’t work out. Myongnong was meant to be with Solan. Solan went through a lot of crap but at the end of the day she was able to get what she wanted~

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