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King’s Daughter: Episode 104 screen captures, Myeong Nong’s precious tears

Myeong Nong Ep 104-05

Obsidian Voice
I feel alive now that there’s you.
My heart beats wild, do you sense it too?
The thirst and sadness disappear.
I’m half in joy and half in fear
I dream of you while I’m asleep
My smile is a promise I will keep
Into your velvet arms I fly
I let my sorrows pass me by
All the sweet laughter
all the sweet precious tears
All the sweet laughter
all the sweet precious tears
Blessed by your smile, my wounds are healed
The sweetest secrets are revealed
I treasure this, I sense it’s true
Yet there’s no way from me to you
Let your shining eyes bring me some light
And let your laughter be my guide
I ache for you, my heart it yearns
I reached the point of no return
All the sweet laughter
all the sweet precious tears
All the sweet laughter
all the sweet precious tears
you shed for me


The song’s lyrics have nothing to do with the story.  I just wanted this song to accompany screen captures of Crown Prince Myeong Nong’s beautiful and precious tears.


Scene: Inside the Portrait Room, the King talks about King Dongseong to the Crown Prince.
King:  (To Crown Prince) Look.  That is your father.  King Dongseong drove back Koguryo. He restored Baekje to its former glory. Baekje did well under him. He never bowed to an enemy.  This great man fell under Baekga’s arrow. And knelt before me. (To portrait of King Dongseong)Brother, here is your son. Like you, he is a fine man, a great ruler.  Allow me to introduce you. (To Crown Prince) Crown Prince, how I have waited for this day. To show King Dongseong the man you have become.  How long I have waited. (To King Dongsoeng’s portrait) But Brother, today it ends. The Crown Prince will always be my son.  I have 2 boys.  But only one can wear the crown.

Myeong Nong Ep 104-05a

Myeong Nong Ep 104-06Myeong Nong Ep 104-06aMyeong Nong Ep 104-06bMyeong Nong Ep 104-06cMyeong Nong Ep 104-06dMyeong Nong Ep 104-06eMyeong Nong Ep 104-06f



Credit:  Photos from Ojik @ Naver, and DC/JHJ @  Thanks!

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