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Jo Hyun Jae Birthday 2014: A Beautiful Dream

JHJ Fan Art 51

A heart so soft
A heart so kind
A heart with joy and passion
What a beautiful being you are
So beautiful to me.
My heart reach out so freely
And flows with love so purely
How beautiful the time we shared
Devoted, my heart to you will be.
Some cease to dream when all their dreams come true
But I keep on dreaming…
Can’t stop myself….
and just begin to dream of how beautiful you are
Because everything that do come true has come from dreams.
Some cease to dream when all their dreams come true
But I keep on dreaming…
Can’t stop myself and just begin to dream…. yes, dreaming ….
You are my beautiful dream….
A fairy tale come true!!!

JHJ Fan Art 50

The above video was created by Ms. Daisy, a long-time Jo Hyun Jae fan from the Philippines.  She created the video as a gift to JHJ on the occasion of his 27th/28th birthday back in 2007.
Even though the MV is a few years old already, I decided to use it because the sentiments contained in the song are as true today as they were in 2007.  JHJ is still our dream Prince, our beautiful dream.  Even at 34/35 years old, JHJ still has the power to charm girls/women of all ages, from as young as 11 years old to as young-at-heart as 75. Amazing!
The Beautiful Dream MV is truly a labor of love for JHJ.  The background music used in the MV was written and composed by JHJ fans.  The lyrics was written by Chinese fan Zoe, while the music was composed by Ms. Daisy.  They “met” online at the former EVERjohyunjae website.
Ms. Daisy used to operate an English fan site for JHJ which I used to visit when I was just a newbie in the JHJ world. However, she had to stop operating her site because she went through several medical crises – she underwent 2 brain surgeries, and she was put under forced coma (I hope I used the right medical terms.) But through it all, her love for JHJ never wavered.
She is fond of telling her fellow Filipino fans that as soon as she woke up from her coma, the first person she looked for is JHJ (not her husband 😀 )  At present Ms. Daisy is still recuperating from her various operations (one side of her body is still paralyzed.) According to her, watching old and new JHJ dramas, following JHJ news (which is very scarce at the moment), and interacting with other JHJ fans on Facebook keep her company during her recuperation. Maybe she is also busy weaving beautiful dreams around JHJ.   ❤ ❤

JHJ Fan Art 49JHJ Fan Art 49a


Credit:  Video by Ms. Daisy; Calendars from DC/SBH.  Thanks!


9 thoughts on “Jo Hyun Jae Birthday 2014: A Beautiful Dream

  1. Happy 34th birthday to JHJ. We Love You hahaha. I’m only 11 year old girl, but I am still a fan. You know, I really have a crush on you :). Love You JHJ, wish you have good health, always smile and have many many more opportunities. I hope, you will visit the Philippines again. Always remember that I and your fans will always help and support you. Happy birthday… Love You 🙂 😉 ❤

  2. Thank you so much, Prissymom, for telling my story as a fan and posting again the song and the video of Beautiful Dream. It is such a big honor. From the Ever times till now, I have gained many friends and fan friends. JHJ’s world is a wonderland for me. With a wonderful actor and wondrous man at the center. We are so magnetized by him that it seems impossible for us to fall out of his orbit. Much love to you, Prissy and all your followers!

    • You are welcome, Ms. Daisy.

      Actually, I should be the one to thank you (and Zoe) for making such a beautiful song for JHJ.

  3. Happy birthday oppa JHJ. I wish you good health. I always remember and support you. I love you so much… I hope I can meet you.

    • If you are following JHJ’s official FB page, you can also post comments there. At least there, he will be able to read your comments directly. ^_^

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