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King’s Daughter: Photos from wrap-up party, 2013.03.14

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty01

Here are some photos from the wrap-up party of the the cast and crew of “King’s Daugther, Soo Baek Hyang” which was held yesterday, March 14.
Up top is our dear Jo Hyun Jae, looking great in simple, casual clothes.  JHJ must have had enough of having to wear makeup and having his hair styled and bound for the last 6 months, hence he arrived without makeup and with his hair unstyled.  But still looking wonderful as always.
The captions are not mine, they were provided by MBC Cupitter.  I translated those which I can understand.
Many members of the cast and crew were present during the wrap-up party which was held at a restaurant in Yeouido.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty02 Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty03

The woman with her back to the camera in the photos below, wearing a flowery top is actress Seo Woo (Seolhee). And the woman with the long hair is Soup Lady, the lady seated beside her is the Queen’s maid, and the guy seated beside Soup Lady is Chancellor Yon’s ally. Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty04Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty05
Caption: Shy Yeo Ui Jo (Crown Prince Myeong Nong’s trusty bodyguard, Kangbok)Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty06
Our dear Hyun Jae (Crown Prince Myeong Nong/King Seong) seated beside Seo Hyun Jin (Seolnan).

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty07

Caption: Myeong Nong oppa is busy greeting everyone with his bright smile.Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty08 Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty09
Caption: Im Se Mi (Queen Eun Hye) and Seo Woo (back to the camera) having a chat. Queen looks like a college student in casual clothes, while Seo Woo is a fashionista as always.Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty10
Seolhi and Peaceful.
Editor:  The child actor Choi Roo Won’s  character’s name in the drama is the Korean word for “Peaceful”

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty12

Queen and Peaceful.Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty13
Seolnan and Peaceful.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty14

Caption: Master of ceremony (MC) for the night is Assistant Director (he is so young!)

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty15

Caption: Testimonials from the main cast…. first up is Lee Jae Ryong (King Muryeong).
Note:  Foreground, the man (seated) with his back to the camera is JHJ.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty16

Lee Jae Ryong said, “Very happy to have worked with KDSBH Jakga-nim (Writer-nim) and Director.  So happy to meet all the actors.”  He added, “I hope the many people who watched our drama will have a chance to reflect.”
He ended his speech with, “Thank you, and I love you.” (Oh? A love confession? Haha!)
King Muryeong with his trusty aide Hongrim (actor Jeong Seok Yong). Hongrim explained that he only stood up because he wanted to stretch his legs. Haha, he has a sense of humor.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty17 Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty18

The microphone is then passed on to Seo Hyun Jin (Seolnan). She said, “Thankful to have finished 6 months of filming without incident.  The whole filming process was so difficult, I thought I was going to die.”  She added, “Thanks to all the cast and crew. Live happily, be able to go out on a date would be nice.”

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty19

Up next is Writer-nim Hwang Jin Young. She said, “I am very happy to see all the [production] staff in one place.  From now on we are bonded together.   To all the good actors we have worked with, I hope to see you again someday.”
Editor: Now we know Writer-nim is a female!  And she still looks young.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty20

Up next is PD Lee Sang Yeob. He said, “I am really speechless.  All I can say is thank you.”
According to the captions, PD Lee started to cry!  All the actors and the crew told him, “Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!” Eventually, PD Lee wiped away his tears and continued with his speech.
He said, “I am really lacking in experience in directing a long drama, but all the senior actors helped me, so thank you very much.  It was really a very difficult time, really thankful to Lee Jae Ryong, Jo Hyun Jae, and Seo Hyun Jin.  Thank you to all the actors. We will meet again someday, right?  Take care of yourselves!”  (Awww, he made me teary-eyed.)

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty21 Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty22

Caption for photos below: And then, the new King of Baekje, Myeong Nong Jo Hyun Jae. Sporting a casual look. Truly a very warm person.
The MC described JHJ as “like a beloved (or favorite) brother”
Then MC offered a toast for Myeong Nong since he is the newly-enthroned King of Baekje. Then, MC asked JHJ to propose a toast.  JHJ replied, “Why should I be the one to propose a toast?” (Hahahahaha.)

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty01

JHJ said, “[Because of this drama] I have matured as an actor. Thanks to all the production staff and the actors, we all worked very hard.”
Comment from Cupitter staff: Every time we see [JHJ] at the filming site, he seems very shy. But many people have attested that he is actually so full of powerful feelings/thoughts. Although the drama has ended, I will continue to love Myeong Nong-oppa. Because once you fall in love with him, there is no escape, you can only continue loving him.
My comment:  Whoever wrote this comment seems to have taken the JHJ poison for which there is no known antidote yet. 😀

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty23 Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty24

Editor:  The guy wearing a blue and black striped beanie is actor Kim Young Jae who played Sunimun.
Caption for photo below: Shouting “Cheers”, but Assistant Director discovers that Myeong Nong-oppa’s glass is actually empty. So Assistant Director began to refill Myeong Nong-oppa’s glass… His Highness Crown Prince Myeong Nong smiling brightly… You really worked hard. Thank you.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty25

Testimonials over.  Time for cast and crew to mingle and chat.
Here is our Jo Hyun Jae chatting with PD Lee Sang Yeob. The man with gray hair seated on the other side of JHJ is the actor who played Koyoung, Sunimun’s minister.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty26

Photo time… staff with the actors.  Wahhh, so envious of those girls who can take a picture with JHJ!!!
Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty28a
Jakga-nim Hwang Jin Young received a gift from Jo Hyun Jae fans from DC/JHJ.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty29

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty31

It seems JHJ and actress Im Se Mi have really become friendly.  Below is a copy of the above picture without labels.

Myeong Nong EndFilmingParty32


Credit:  Photos from MBC.

16 thoughts on “King’s Daughter: Photos from wrap-up party, 2013.03.14

    • I do not know anything about SHJ, and JHJ’s Korean fans don’t talk about her in their forums. If they talk about her at all it is only about her role as SN in the drama. So I can’t share any insights about her personality behind the camera, or of the nature of her relationship with JHJ.

      But, I can say that JHJ seems to have developed a friendly relationship with actress Im Se Mi. JHJ even follows her FB account. I think behind the camera, Im Se Mi is a really great girl. Even Yeo Ui Ju (Kangbok) has a crush on her. When the drama was still airing, Kangbok was interviewed. He was asked who among the ladies in KDSBH would he want to have a love story with if given a chance. Kangbok chose Im Se Mi because of her cheerful personality.

  1. Very nice story. Good looking and talented Crown Prince as well as Solnan. They have to be together for success. They won’t be successful without each other. The writer is a little harsh on the King. He has sacrificed his personal life for Paeche, so, he should get rewards by having all of his children (the Crown Prince, Jinmu, and Solnan) live with him for a while before he died. That would be a better ending…..

    • i totally agree. I am very disappointed with the ending. Too much screen to that evil sister, she should be die instead of having Solnan to continue looking after her and sacrifice her own life.

  2. Congratulations to all of the cast and crew, such a treat to get to see these pictures and share in the celebration of a work well done. Thank you.

    • I am happy as well that MBC shared photos of the party. Some drama productions don’t share photos from the wrap-up party to give the actors a rest from being public figures.

  3. Thanks for the translation> I saw the pictures and was bereft that I didn’t see some of the actors but was really excited to see the ones that we did. I really felt the loss of those 12 ep. The drama would have been perfect had we another week; even a drama special movie would be nice. But alas, not going to happen so I’ll do my own in my head. Thanks for all. Might take me a couple of weeks to write for final thoughts on this drama. I absolutely loved it!

  4. Aiiiiish! The 2 (JHJ and SHJ) are attuned to each other but became quite shy beside each other in the party. Its like SHJ is not looking directly at JHJ, JHJ was looking at her in the first pic. Normally people act like this if they feel attracted/ like to the other person.

    I was hoping MBC Cupitter would release other pictures of our double HJ (Hyun Jae & Hyun Jin) couple that they are talking/ interacting/ laughing, looks like they took 1 round picutres per table.

    I do hope SHJ and JHJ become “real life couple”, they are of age, fit each other physically and very compatible from looks to temperament as seen in the BTS.

    They should have seated Yeo Ui Joo near JHJ so they could have talked freely and I wonder where is Farty.

    Like the rest of you I am quite disappointed with the ending, they could have made up with A LONG FINAL PASSIONATE KISS AT THE ENDING OF OUR OTP to atone for giving more screen time to Solhee and Jinmu………Grrrrrrr!

    • This is a blog dedicated to JHJ, so I will continue to cover all his activities for as long as I am physically and mentally able. I will include SHJ news only if it is related to JHJ and KDSBH.

  5. The little boy is Choi Ro-Woon, he is also currently playing in Golden Rainbow, absolutely adorable child

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