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King’s Daughter: Episode 69 – Myeong Nong and Seolnan “bomb kiss”

I know that our drama has a lot of issues.  But I, for one, have decided to just let the writers take me where they will.
I will enjoy the happy scenes while they last, and just prepare my heart for whatever the writers have in mind.  If things become too tough later on, I will just re-watch all the beautiful love scenes of our beautiful couple to fortify my heart.
Here is the dialogue during this scene:
Seolnan: Tea from Her Majesty. The leaves lie dormant in winter and are dried in the spring. It is good for… (Crown Prince pulls Seolnan to his lap. ❤ )
Crown Prince: Yak, yak, yak, yak, and your lips are still gorgeous. Let us use them for a little kiss. If you don’t kiss me I will not let you go.
OMG, these 2 are killing me with their sweetness! 😀

Myeong Nong Ep 69-01 Myeong Nong Ep 69-02 Myeong Nong Ep 69-03 Myeong Nong Ep 69-04 Myeong Nong Ep 69-05

Update (2014.01.10)
I visited the Korean and Chinese JHJ forums, and here are some common reactions to the scene above.
> JHJ is completely different here.  Is he really just acting?  Will fans be able to sleep tonight?
> Are they just acting?  They look like they are really in love.
> This is a bad sign.  The sweeter they are, the more painful it will be later.  Enjoy the pleasure now, extreme misery later.
> Let us just enjoy the sweet moments while they last.
> Writer-nim, you are going to give them a happy ending, right? Right?
> This is the calm before the storm.
Credit:  Video by MBC; photos from

14 thoughts on “King’s Daughter: Episode 69 – Myeong Nong and Seolnan “bomb kiss”

  1. This show is just so cute and the two leads are adorable. I dare not guess what in going to interfere.

  2. Air kiss –> Kiss with tears –> Playful kiss. Oh my god! Step by step, JHJ performed the most beautiful kiss in the world.

  3. I think this is the BEST EVER acting that I see, I’m not JHJ’s fan (I read this forum because give me a lot “King’s daughter’s” information) but he and SHJ are acting very well, I hope that in the real life perhaps there will be something (I also read that JHJ is single a long time ago).

    I don’t found enough SHJ’s information in english, I would like that someone tell me where I can found information.

    I begin watch each JHJ’s drama 😉

      • This is my 4th time seeing SHJ in a drama; this is the first time liking; no loving her character! She generally plays the 2d lead and her characters aren’t exactly sweet. So for this role, this is definitely a treat. But I tell you what, I replayed this scene over and over again; reality and acting started to blur.

        Wouldn’t it be funny if SHJ, coming from Goddess of Fire where MGY found her man that she in turns find her here in JHJ? Us fans! We always have these wishful thinking moments! They look so good together!!

  4. According to a Korean fan, this scene was shot on January 1. It took only one take to film the kiss scene and that Seo Hyun Jin sweated a lot while the scene was being filmed. hahaha

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