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“King’s Daughter” and Jo Hyun Jae in Japanese magazine, 2013.12.05

Kings Daughter Press Con 007i

Jo Hyun Jae and his latest drama “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” are featured in the Japanese magazine 韓国TVドラマ (KNTV, Vol.58.)


Title of the article: Jo Hyun Jae of “Seo Dong Yo” (SBS, 2005) once again becomes Baekje Prince in “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang”.

In the historical drama “Seo Dong Yo” ( 2005 SBS) , actor Jo Hyun Jae played the hero “Jang”, who experienced many hardships to become a great King of Baekje.  After a lapse of 8 years, Jo Hyun Jae becomes a Baekje Prince once again in another historical drama.

Jo Hyun Jae plays the hero Baekje Crown Prince Myeong Nong, who will later become King Seong (26th King of Baekje).  JHJ will be involved in a tragic love story with Soo Baek Hyang, played by Seo Hyun Jin. Also in the drama is Ha Ji Won’s younger brother, Jeon Tae Soo (“Sungkyuwan Scandal”, KBS, 2010).

Eight years later starred in another historical drama, feels a special affinity for Baekje.

JHJ:  After “Seo Dong Yo” I have played a variety of roles in modern dramas.  Originally, I did not particularly want to do another historical drama, but after reading the story of “King’s Daughter” I felt the charm of the story, so I decided to star in this drama.  I am truly grateful to the director and screenwriter for offering this role to me.

I also heard that the drama will be filmed in Buyeo, the same place where “Seo Dong Yo” was filmed.  I feel very happy about this, I feel there is a special fate between Baekje and me.

Editor:  According to the Japanese network news, “King’s Daughter” will air in Japan in 2014.



I never doubted that “King’s Daughter” will be broadcast in Japan because all previous JHJ dramas have been aired in Japan.  But for a Japanese broadcaster to secure the rights to air the drama even while it is still airing in Korea (we are not even at the halfway mark yet!) means the Japanese are confident that the drama will be well-accepted by Japanese viewers.

I am so happy for our Soo Baek Hyang Team, all their hard-work is being rewarded.



Credit:  Photos from everjohyunjae.co.kr; Japanese to Chinese translation by ドラミ1987 @ JHJ’s Baidu Bar.  THanks!  Chinese to English translation by prissymom.


5 thoughts on ““King’s Daughter” and Jo Hyun Jae in Japanese magazine, 2013.12.05

  1. Wow, Japanese fans are so lucky.
    Prissymom, I think I’m gonna write TV networks here in the Philippines to air King’s Daughter haha…

    • Is that possible? It would be great if KD is aired in the Philippines. More people will get to know our JHJ and the rest of the cast of our beautiful drama.

  2. Yes, GMA network is replying to fan emails. I’d try, who knows they will find it interesting too? It’s the network who usually aired K historicals which rated well like Jewel of the Palace, Jum-ong, Queen Seondok & Dongyi. Love Letter was aired over this station also. Probably, just by mentioning the name of JHJ would ring a bell to them. I’ve read in an article, Love Letter also rated well when aired here. Really hopeful. I really love historical dramas, the more when it’s Filipino dubbed. Wish me luck! hehe…

  3. Yeah I loved listening to JHJ’s voice too but I preferred more dubbed in Tagalog so I can focus more on the story & JHJ’s handsomeness haha.. no need for me to read subtitles.
    If only we can understand Korean. Well, I have a classmate who studied Korean language, she said it is easy to learn plus they have lesser characters but I guess I will have the hardest time even if I am determined to learn. Just not good with characters or other foreign language haha…

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