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Jo Hyun Jae fans visit the set of “King’s Daughter”, 2013.10.12 (1)

King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-08King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-07 Jo Hyun Jae fans from EVERjohyunjae Korea and  Japan, China and Thailand visited JHJ at the set of his latest drama “King’s Daughter” today.

The fans prepared lunch for JHJ, and the other members of the cast and crew but JHJ was unable to join them because he was still filming up in the mountain.  He arrived at around past 1 p.m. and didn’t stay very long because he still has to go back to filming.  But at least he managed to cut the cake brought by his fans for him.

I hope his fans were not disappointed that JHJ stayed for a short while only, but what can be done?  Cast and crew must really be busy filming to meet their broadcast schedules.

I think JHJ has lost weight already.  And he looks shy in the photos below.  Maybe he is shy about his long hair?^^

You can also watch JHJ in this short clip (c/o JuJiWu of JohyunjaeThailand): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151941108856703&set=o.383617845083976&type=2&theater

King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-01King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-03 King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-02 King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-04King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-09


Fans were informed of the visit schedule only last October 6, so they have to rush through the arrangements.  But the fans were still able to prepare a lot for JHJ and his co-workers. They prepared 150 gift bags for cast and crew, but I don’t know what is inside the bags. King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-06 The eating area were the catered food was served.King's Daughter VisitDSet2013.10.12-05


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Johyunjaethailandhttp://tieba.baidu.com/p/2645535084. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Jo Hyun Jae fans visit the set of “King’s Daughter”, 2013.10.12 (1)

  1. JHJ must have been very happy & honored for his very avid fans. They were just amazing… JHJ is one nice person to be blessed with the kind of support & passion that these fans have shown for him… Truly admirable…

    • I am sure he is very happy, he has such a wide smile on his face. But in some of the photos he looks a bit shy.

      I think his face is looking a lot smaller in these photos. It seems to me he has lost some weight already.

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