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King’s Daughter: Assorted tidbits


Below is a rough/basic outline of Jo Hyun Jae’s latest drama “King’s Daughter” based on bits and pieces i picked up from various JHJ fan sites.  This is not official, but I decided to still make a post out of it, just to give us something to tide us over while waiting for the official materials.


“King’s Daughter” is set in Baekje in the 6th century A.D.

King Muryeong (Lee Jae Ryong) assumes the throne as the 25th King of Baekje after his older stepbrother, King Dongseong (24th King of Baekje), is killed by the forces of Baek Ga (a powerful Baekje noble during that time period).

Lee Jae Ryong

Actor Lee Jae Ryong as King Muryeong, father of Myeong Nong

Before he becomes king, Muryeong will fall in love with Chae Hwa (actress Myung Se Bin).  Chae Hwa will become pregnant with Muryeong’s child.  Somehow, Muryeong and Chae Hwa will be separated, Chae Hwa will give birth to their daughter Seolnan (later she will become Soo Baek Hyang/actress Seo Hyun Jin).  Initially King Muryeong does not know that Seolnan is his child.

Myung Se Bin

Actress Myung Se Bin as Chae Hwa, mother of Soo Baek Hyang

Seo Hyun Jin

Actress Seo Hyun Jin as Seolnan (later she will become Soo Baek Hyang)

It seems Chae Hwa will marry another man who also has a daughter Seol Hee (actress Seo Woo).  Seol Hee will later find out that step-sis Seolnan is a princess and will steal her fate.  Meaning she will pretend to be the daughter of Chae Hwa by Muryeong, and will do everything in her power to keep her stolen position.

Seo Woo

Actress Seo Woo as Seol Hee, Soo Baek Hyang’s stepsister

In the meantime, King Muryeong’s son Myeong Nong (played by Jo Hyun Jae) becomes Crown Prince.  There is a news report that says that Myeong Nong is Muryeong’s adopted son/stepson, but most news articles do not make this distinction.  So we will have to wait for more story details to verify this.


Jo Hyun Jae as Crown Prince Myeong Nong (later King Seong). This photo is from “Seo Dong Yo”

Somehow Myeong Nong and Seolnan will meet, and Myeong Nong will develop feelings for Seolnan.  However, due to cruel fate Myeong Nong will be unable to reveal his feelings for Seolnan. In the meantime, Jin Mu (Jeon Tae Su) the son of the former King Dongseong will try to regain the throne that was taken from him when his father was killed.


Actor Jeon Tae Soo is Jin Mu, son of King Dongseong. This photo is from the drama “Sungkyuwan Scandal”

That’s it about the story for now.  If I find out more, I will write about it again.



The cast had their first script reading last August 29 at MBC’s Dream Center in Ilsan, but Jo Hyun Jae did not attend because he was not yet confirmed as part of the cast.  The photos of Lee Jae Ryong, Myung Se Bin, Seo Hyun Jin and Seo Woo that I posted up there were taken during the script reading.

A representative from Better Ent, JHJ’s agency, told reporters that JHJ is now busy preparing himself to start filming for “King’s Daughter.”  JHJ is expected to begin filming this week or next week.

Actress Myung Se Bin will be part of the cast for a few episodes only, so most likely her character will die in one of the early episodes.

Some fans are asking how long an episode in a daily drama lasts.  I read on DC that in a daily drama 1 episode = 30 minutes = 2.5 hours per week.  Actually, less than 2.5 hours per week because the actual episode lasts only 25 minutes, with 5 minutes allotted for advertisements.

I have not watched any of the previous works of JHJ’s co-stars in this drama.  So I decided to read up on them and they all seem to be considered good, solid actors.  In particular, actor Lee Jae Ryong is a well-respected veteran actor in the Korean entertainment industry.  I read in a Chinese fan site that he teaches acting.

I am actually looking forward to Jo Hyun Jae’s interactions with Lee Jae Ryong.  They will be playing father and son; I wonder if their onscreen relationship will be a loving parent-child relationship or a contentious one?

From previous JHJ dramas, I have observed that JHJ always develop a very good on-screen rapport and off-screen relationship with his older male co-stars.  Like in the case of Lee Chang Hoon who played Mok Rasoo in “Seo Dong Yo,” and  Son Byung Ho who played restaurant manager in “49 Days.”  I hope we will see that again in this drama with actor Lee Jae Ryong.

I know that JHJ’s co-stars in “King’s Daughter” are not big-name stars like the ones in “Empress Ki,” the other drama rumored to be being considered by JHJ.  But for some reason I feel good about “King’s Daughter” than “Empress Ki.”  

I have known for a full 2 weeks already that JHJ is being mentioned as possible Yuan Emperor in “Empress Ki” before it became public knowledge, but I did not report it here in my blog, because I was really torn about that drama.  No, it is not about the hairstyle that the Yuan Emperor will sport in the drama, nor because JHJ will play second lead in that drama.  It is because “Empress Ki” seems to be surrounded with so much negativity that even fans of Ha Ji Won are not happy that she accepted the project, or so I heard.

But when I heard that JHJ is being mentioned in connection with “King’s Daughter,” I felt good about it right away.  I do have apprehensions about it, but not as much as the apprehensions I felt about “Empress Ki.”

The important thing is JHJ is back to working, and he will be with us for the next 6-7 months.  Just thinking about it makes me giddy with happiness!


Credit:  JHJ photo as labelled; Photos 2-5 from MBC; last photo from the internet. Information on “King’s Daughter” from johyunjaechina.com, JHJ’s Baidu Bar and various Korean news sites.  Thanks!


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