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Jo Hyun Jae’s post- “49 Days” interview (4 of 6)

Han Kang 49 Days-03

This is the fourth of a series of interviews Jo Hyun Jae gave to Korean reporters after he finished filming the SBS drama “49 Days” in May 2011.


2011.06.02         starin.edaily

Jo Hyun Jae: Ending of “49 Days” gives empty feeling

A matured man has returned.  This is the story of Jo Hyun Jae who recently returned to the TV screen with the hit SBS drama “49 Days”.

In “49 Days” JHJ gives a serious performance as Han Kang who demonstrates the highest and purest form of love.  This is JHJ’s first work since his discharge last year.  As before, he succeeds in capturing women’s hearts with his deep-set eyes.

After “49 Days” finished broadcasting late last month, we met with JHJ.  He expressed his feelings about the ending of “49 Days” in a gentle voice.

JHJ: “This is my first work after my discharge, so I still have very fresh feelings about it.  Also because I have so wanted to do this when I was in the army, so I was very pleased.  Because I was doing something that I like, I was very happy even though there were countless days when I had to go without sleep and I was dead tired.  That is why it left a very deep impression.”

JHJ also got on very well with the other actors.  He played the character of Han Kang and worked with Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Bae Soo Bin, Seo Ji Hye, Jung Il Woo, etc.  JHJ’s attitude to Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri, who together play Shin Ji Hyun, was one of pure heart, and at the same time he engaged in an acting contest with Bae Soo Bin.

JHJ: “It is a joy to work with good actors.  Lee Yo Won and I are the same age and we work very well together.  I have known Bae Soo Bin for a long time, and I have also cooperated with Nam Gyu Ri when filming videos of See Ya’s songs.”

The ending of “49 Days” gives audience a big shock.  Shin Ji Hyun dies again 6 days after being revived.  Han Kang who has been hoping for Shin Ji Hyun to live again cannot fulfill his love with her.

JHJ: “The ending is a little lonely and forlorn, isn’t it?  Shin Ji Hyun dies twice in the drama, and there is no connection with Lee Yo Won, so the relationship is not clear.  There is an empty feeling, but there are other messages that the drama wants to convey.  These messages seem to be the intention of the scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung.”

JHJ is an actor for whom melodramatic acting fits him like made-to-measure.  Viewers left messages on online bulletin boards requesting JHJ to act in a melodrama.  In his previous dramas “3 Dads, 1 Mom” and “Sunshine” he has already demonstrated very substantial melodramatic acting.

JHJ: “I have done pretty well in melodramatic acting, right?  My every fibre is engaged every single moment, imagining it to be true love, acting with my heart. In this way, the audience can also feel the same emotions.”

JHJ also revealed his desire and enthusiasm for his next work: “Some projects are in discussion of casting stage.”

JHJ: “I see ’49 Days’ as the stepping stone to the continuation of my acting career.  After my discharge I must be psychologically prepared to make a new start.  I seemed to have successfully taken a first step with ’49 Days’.  Before this I have always played good characters; this time I wanted to try a role that does not have limits but which can satisfy me.”

What if JHJ were to face the fate of Shin Ji Hyun?  Shin Ji Hyun must receive 3 teardrops from people who are not her blood relatives.  We asked JHJ if he could think of 3 people without hesitation.

JHJ: “I do not know.  But I wonder if there is any.  It would be wonderful if there were.  Seems like it is best to think there are 3 such people.”

Here are the photos that came with the interview:

Han Kang 49 Days-169 Han Kang 49 Days-170 Han Kang 49 Days-171 Han Kang 49 Days-172 Han Kang 49 Days-173 Han Kang 49 Days-174 Han Kang 49 Days-175 Han Kang 49 Days-176 Han Kang 49 Days-177 Han Kang 49 Days-178


Credit: Photo from gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae; Article from http://starin.edaily.co.kr; English translation by wulijohyunjae. Thanks!


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