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Jo Hyun Jae’s post- “49 Days” interview (3 of 6)

Han Kang 49 Days-08

Here is another interview Jo Hyun Jae gave to Korean reporters after he finished filming the SBS drama “49 Days” in May 2011.

Han Kang 49 Days-185

2011.05.31         poroly@joongang.co.kr


“49 Days” Jo Hyun Jae : “No sleep for the last three weeks”

His suntanned face looks very healthy.  Actor Jo Hyun Jae (31) returned to TV with the SBS drama “49 Days” after his discharge from the military in June 2010.  It is like “returning home”, he said quietly.  This is the JHJ who captures women’s hearts with his polite and sweet smile, plus his warm voice.  This is his first interview in three years [with this news medium.]


– A comeback drama after a long time.
JHJ: After my discharge in June last year, it took almost half a year before I could greet my fans [in a drama], so of course I felt uneasy.  I felt great pressure in deciding what kind of work to present to everybody.  Before my discharge I kept thinking how great it would be after discharge.  But as soon as I was discharged, the feeling was not like that at all.  Once I started working, though, the pressure was gone.  Although it was very hard physically, I felt very much at peace in my heart.  Is it because I felt I have returned to where I belong?  These four months have really allowed me to enjoy myself to the fullest.


– Atmosphere on set is reportedly very good
JHJ: I have known Bae Soo Bin for 7 – 8 years, Lee Yo Won is not what she looks like – she is actually very easy-going, Nam Gyu Ri has a very lovely style.  We are more or less the same age and we have the same “humour code” [sense of humour], so it was very interesting during shooting.


– Difficulties during shooting of drama
JHJ: During the last 3 weeks there was no time for sleep at all.  Challenging the limits of human endurance? In the end we did not even sit at all because as soon as we sat down we would fall asleep.  Towards the end of the drama I had a lot of lines, so I was very busy memorizing them.  Two whole sheets of A4 paper are all my soliloquies.  I had to have the script with me all the time, studying it during setting and reading it while having my hair done.  So it went on like this – reading, memorizing – like in a daze.


– That is why you lost a lot of weight?
JHJ: I lost about 3kg during filming. In the first half of filming, my frame became bigger because I worked out a lot.  Now I look a little smaller.  Not being able to sleep helps to reduce weight.


– In the drama the character of Han Kang expresses pure love for NGR
JHJ: Actually I belong to the type who is rather slow in relation to women.  But when I have a girlfriend, then I will become more talkative.  Even if we quarrel, I have to make it clear why I am angry or why I am sad.  When I am angry, I do not say a word.  I am not the heartless type.


– Also participated in drama OST – worked as a singer before?
: Ha! Ha!  That part is really quite ridiculous.  I spent a year preparing to be a singer, and it was exactly a year when our CD was released. [ED: then Guardian disbanded.]  Because people are paying attention to this OST, so they start talking about the old days again.  Took me 10 years to explain everything.


– Looks like dance singer
JHJ: Not dance – rhythm.  I am not terribly sensitive to rhythm, so I sang vocals.


– Will you sing again if the opportunity arises?
JHJ: I was pleased to take part in the OST, but I am not keen to be a singer.  There are lots of people who can sing better than me, so I’d better stop here.


– How does it feel to be out of the military?
JHJ: My thinking changed a lot.  After completing their military service, men seem to know a lot more.  As a 30-year-old I started to respect many things in this world after having lived in the lower ranks.  It seems I have thrown away a lot of baggage and have been through a great deal.  The military is really a place when one can meditate and examine oneself.


– You were an ordinary soldier
JHJ: Of course.  I do not understand why this is an issue.  I am perfectly fit – where else am I supposed to go?  The only differences between me and the others are I am older and I am an actor, that is all.  I did not choose to be an entertainment soldier but opted for the army like anybody else because I wanted to serve proudly and squarely.


– Plans for the future
JHJ: After my discharge I have only completed one project.  In the entertainment world, it seems meaningless to set up plans.  Just because I plan to act in this role, it does not mean that role will be mine, or just because I want to be in a certain drama, there is no guarantee that I can get to be in it.  It’s only when I have an opportunity, then I will do my best to rise to the challenge.

Han Kang 49 Days-184

Credit: Photo as labelled; http://isplus.joinsmsn.com; English translation by wulijohyunjae.  Thanks!


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