JOVE 59 / Vol 4 (Autumn/Sept 24, 2012)

Jove 59: Jo Hyun Jae – “In a water park, I have to expose my body…..”


jove59-4-02kFor those who has a copy of JOVE59 volume 4, Jo Hyun Jae‘s choices below appear on pages 67-68 of the magazine.
1. Pork vs. Beef
JHJ’s choice: Pork.  Pork is very delicious.  I like beef also, but I can only choose one, so I choose pork.  Although, to keep my body in shape, I stay away from greasy food, but I still eat pork from time to time.
2. Casual Style vs. Luxurious Style
JHJ’s choice:  Casual Style.  Honestly, I do not know that much about fashion, but I like wearing clothes that make me feel relaxed and comfortable, so I would say that my style is casual.  Aside from that I also often wear jeans.
3. Water Park vs. Amusement Park
JHJ’s Choice: Amusement Park.  I have not been to places like these in a long time.  In a water park, I have to expose my body, so I would rather go to an Amusement Park.  At the Amusement Park, I can wear a hat and sunglasses to hide my face.  In addition, there are more games to enjoy in an Amusement Park than in a Water Park, don’t you find it so?
Editor:  JHJ is so cute, he doesn’t want to expose his body!  If he exposes his body, there will surely be a commotion! 😀
4. Flowers vs. Trees
JHJ’s choice:  Trees.  I cannot think of a reason why I prefer trees to flowers.  It is just the first answer that came to my mind for no specific reason.
5. Eyeglasses vs. Sunglasses.
JHJ’s choice: Sunglasses.   I just prefer wearing sunglasses when going out.
6. Necklace vs. Bracelet
JHJ’s choice: Bracelet.  Actually, I am not the type who likes wearing jewelries, but if I have to choose between the 2, I choose bracelets.  I think you can exhibit your fashion sense more with bracelets.
7. Leather shoes vs. Sports shoes.
JHJ’s choice:  Sports shoes.  Since I am the relaxed type, I have come to prefer wearing sports shoes.  In addition, I often go to the gym to exercise, so I wear sports shoes often.
8. River valley vs. Beach
JHJ’s choice: River valley. Although the beach and beach resorts are good places to visit in summer, but sunlight is so direct. Beaches can become overcrowded also. Of course, many people also visit river valleys, but I think they are less likely to become overcrowded compared to beaches. I think river valleys are also great places to put up a tent (go camping.)
9. Running vs. Walking
JHJ’s choice: Running. I don’t mean the full-speed ahead type of running, but the long-distance evenly-paced type of running. This type of running exercises and refreshes the whole body at the same time.
Credit:  Photo as labelled; Japanese to Chinese translation from  Thanks!  English translation by prissymom.

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