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Ad Genius: Jo Hyun Jae, always a caring and warm hyung-nim

Ad Genius Staff photo 01

The above photo was shared by the on-site photographer of “Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek” (AGLTB), which the photographer posted on DC/JHJ.  Here is the message that came with the photo:
Hello, everybody!
I am Yu Sang Min, on-site photographer of AGLTB.
I have been working in close proximity with Hyun Jae hyung-nim, taking his pictures for about 2 months. Because the drama has ended, I am very sad that we are going our separate ways now.
He is always the first one to approach me, always full of warmth when talking to me, always taking care/looking out for me.  I feel blessed to have worked with him.
Because the broadcast schedule is very tight, we were unable to sleep that much. This led to various problems which upset the staff, but Hyun Jae hyung-nim always maintained a bright appearance and calm temperament. Indeed, Hyun Jae hyung-nim is the favorite of many among the staff.
I would like to write more, but there are still many things to do… so I will end my post with one wish: I pray for continued success in actor Jo Hyun Jae’s future.
The weather is still chilly, everyone, please take care not to catch a cold!
저는 광고천재이태백에서 현장 사진을 찍었던 유상민이라고 합니다
약 2달간의 기간동안 가까운 곳에서 현재 형님 사진을 찍었는데 드라마가 끝나면서 헤어진다니 너무 아쉽네요
항상 먼저 다가와서 따뜻하게 말걸어주시고 챙겨주셔서 덕분에 일하는 내내 늘 기분이 좋았었습니다
참…..드라마 제작 중간중간 생방 스케쥴때문에 잠도 못자서 예민해지고 여러가지 문제들로 화가 나는 일도 많으셨을텐데 절대 내색 안하고 항상 촬영장에서 밝고 흐트러지지 않은 모습때문에 스탭들도 현재 형님을 참 많이 따르고 좋아했었습니다
더 하고 싶은 말은 산더미 같지만 .. 조현재 배우님의 앞날에 무궁한 발전이 있기를 기원하며 글을 줄일게요
날씨 쌀쌀한데 감기 조심하세요!
I got teary-eyed reading that heartwarming message.  That was very sweet of photographer Yu Sang Min, sharing his experience working closely with our dear Hyun Jae.
I am glad to know the name of the person responsible for all the gorgeous pictures of our JHJ from this drama. Thank you, Mr. Yu!  May you have bright future as a photographer as well!
Credit: photo from gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae

2 thoughts on “Ad Genius: Jo Hyun Jae, always a caring and warm hyung-nim

  1. I love the article by Yu Sang Min. Two months is a long time if a person was trying to pretend to be friendly. JHJ is no stranger to the rigors of filming. He mentioned concerning The Kings Daughter, that they got very little sleep as the drama got to the final episodes. We are all very proud of our handsome, kind, courteous and very skillful Prince of Hearts. You are a great role model for us JHJ.

    • Hi, Julia! You are so right. It is hard to pretend to be friendly, especially when you are tired and sleep-deprived.

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