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Happy Together preview: “Jo Hyun Jae, when did you realize you are handsome?”

Happy Together-001

Here is the English translation of news reports about Jo Hyun Jae’s guest appearance in Happy Together last February 21, 2013.  JHJ’s co-actors in the drama “Advertising Genius, LTB” (AGLTB) were also present in the said episode of the variety show.


Actor Jo Hyun Jae’s confidence in his looks revealed.
During the recent taping for an episode of KBS2 “Happy Together 3”, actor Jo Hyun Jae made this surprising statement:  “I think actor Jang Dong Gun is more handsome than I am.”
“Happy Together” MC Park Myung Soo asked JHJ: “When did you realize the fact that you are handsome?”
“Around the time I was in junior high school, I thought I was hot stuff,” was JHJ’s serious reply which elicited much laughter.
JHJ added:  “Ever since I was a kid I have been hearing people say that I am handsome. But I know Jang Dong Gun is more handsome than I am,” he confessed.
JHJ confessed:  “When I was still a student, I would deliberately not ride the bus because girls keep looking at me.  But when I joined the entertainment industry, I realized that there are many people who are much more handsome and much more accomplished than I am. One should not become over-confident.”
Jo Hyun Jae names “3 icons of male beauty in [Korean] entertainment” which attracted attention.
 Below is the original article in Korean:
“조현재, 외모 자신감 “장동건보다 잘 생겼다”
[TV리포트=김보라 기자] 배우 조현재가 외모에 대한 자신감을 드러냈다.
최근 진행된 KBS2 ‘해피투게더3’ 녹화에서 조현재는 “장동건 보다 내가 더 잘생겼다고 생각한다”고 깜짝 발언했다.
조현재는 이날 “언제부터 본인이 잘 생겼다는 사실을 알았느냐”는 박명수의 질문에 “중학교 때부터였다”고 진지하게 대답해 웃음을 자아냈다.
이어 “어렸을 때부터 주변에서 ‘잘 생겼다’는 소리를 많이 들어서 내가 장동건 보다 잘 생긴 줄 알았다”고 털어놨다.
그는 학창시절 여학생들이 자신을 쳐다봐서 일부러 버스도 잘 안탔었다고. 그러면서 “그 후 연예계에 입문하고 보니 훨씬 잘 생기고 멋진 사람들이 많아 자만하지 않을 수 있었다”고백했다.
조현재는 자신이 무릎을 꿇은 ‘연예계 3대 대표 미남’을 뽑아 출연자들의 관심을 모았다. 21일 밤 11시 20분 ‘해피투게더3’에서 공개된다.
한편 조현재는 KBS2 월화극 ‘광고천재 이태백’에서 애디 강역을 맡아 열연을 펼치고 있다.
사진=TV리포트 DB
김보라 기자 purplish@tvreport.co.kr
Here is another article about the guesting of the AGLTB cast in “Happy Together”. I am not going to translate everything, just the highlights:
1.  The 5 AGLTB cast members are very witty, delivering jokes that kept the 4 “Happy Together” hosts and G4 panelists laughing all throughout the taping of the episode.
2.  The true personality of the 5 cast members of AGLTB was revealed – they have great sense of humour.
3.  Jo Hyun Jae’s and Jin Gu’s singing skills were revealed.
[아시아경제 황원준 기자]KBS2 월화드라마 ‘광고천재 이태백'(극본 설준석 이재하 이윤종, 연출 박기호 이소연)팀이 숨겨진 끼를 한껏 뽐낸다.
‘광고천재 이태백’의 주인공 5인방 진구(이태백 역), 박하선(백지윤 역), 조현재(애디 강 역), 한채영(고아리 역), 한선화(이소란 역)는 21일 오후 방송되는 KBS2 예능프로그램 ‘해피투게더 시즌3’에 출연, 숨겨둔 예능감을 발휘할 예정이다.
5인은 촬영 당일 오래전부터 기다려온 것처럼 재치 있는 입담을 과시했다. MC 유재석, 박명수, 박미선, 신봉선은 물론 G4까지 포복절도하게 만드는 등 녹화 내내 시종일관 웃음이 끊이지 않았다는 후문이다.
이들은 촬영장 비하인드 스토리부터 서로의 실체를 폭로, 뛰어난 유머 감각을 드러냈다. 특히 ‘광고천재 이태백’의 두 남자주인공 진구와 조현재는 노래실력을 공개해 촬영장에 있던 여자스태프들을 설레게 만들기도 했다.
드라마에서는 볼 수 없는 진구, 박하선, 조현재, 한채영, 한선화의 색다른 매력은 21일 오후 11시 20분 확인할 수 있다.
황원준 기자 hwj1012@
Here are more screencaps from the “Happy Together” preview:

Happy Together-002

Happy Together-003

The caption reads: “Resurrection of Catholic Church’s brother. He is so serious he makes people laugh.”
Editor: This is in reference to JHJ’s role of the Catholic priest Andrea in the 2003 drama “Love Letter”.  Thanks to Korean fan “Blue Day” for the translation.
Credit: Photos from gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae.  Thanks!  English translation by prissymom.

4 thoughts on “Happy Together preview: “Jo Hyun Jae, when did you realize you are handsome?”

  1. Hi Prissymom!
    Well it’s great to see JHJ laughing. Making fun of himself like that shows he’s comfortable and enjoying himself on the show.

    • Liv, there are so many reports coming out about JHJ’s guesting! All of the articles are praising JHJ – he drew the most laughter because of his honesty…. just like the Only You TV Special.

      I am translating the articles now.

      • Yes, he looks carefree and have that same sparkle in his eyes. I watched that Only You Special over 50x I think 🙂 because it’s so rare to see this side of JHJ which I really love. Can’t wait to see the show!

      • Liv, you can check out the FB account of Korean fan Ojik @ https://www.facebook.com/ojikhj

        My internet connection is soooooooooooooo slow today because of the storm that’s why I can’t post any entry in the blog today.

        She posted 6 videos (I think) of the JHJ cuts in Happy Together. I didn’t understand much of what was said but I still had so much fun watching JHJ. When he first entered the sauna he really looked so nervous and a bit lost that I felt a little bit sorry for him. In the beginning he looked so serious, and then when people started laughing at his statements he started to relax. His embarrassed reaction to his own statements is just so cute – you know covering his face with his hands. He is like a little boy^^

        JHJ’s name is the #4 search term in Daum this morning, while the title Ad Genius LTB is only at #7.

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