Drama (2005.06): Only You / JHJ Photos

Jo Hyun Jae in Italy for “Only You” (Part 1 of 2)

Only You-01 Only You-03 Only You-06

Here are some photos of Jo Hyun Jae as Han Yi Jun in “Only You” (2005).  Those who have watched “Only You” would know that these pictures  show Han Yi Jun while he was still in Italy looking for his biological mother.
There were some questionable fashion choices made by the drama’s fashion consultant for JHJ’s character in this drama, but I love his overall appearance while his character was in Italy.
Han Yi Jun is wearing the most basic of clothes while in Italy – white shirt with collar under a black suit jacket, blue denim pants, and black shoes – and yet he looks so drop-dead gorgeous.  His simple clothes coupled with the fringed hairstyle and his puppy-sad beautiful eyes  make you want to do anything (cartwheels maybe?) just to see him smile.

Only You-02 Only You-03 Only You-04 Only You-05 Only You-06 Only You-07 Only You-08

In some of the pictures above you will see kibitzers watching the cast while filming.  There were news reports that came out in 2005 that while the “Only You” team were filming in Italy many Italian ladies were so enamored of JHJ they would even try to go over the barrier just to get a closer at JHJ. One Italian lady even asked him for a date! JHJ didn’t know how to handle the lady, but the actress who played JHJ’s character in the drama came to his rescue. She told the Italian lady that she is JHJ’s girlfriend. Well, whoever that Italian lady is, she has very discerning eyes!^^
Here are a few BTS photos of JHJ with “Only You” cast and crew while they were still in Italy…. JHJ looks great in red!
Only You-09

The guy with the hoodie on and wearing sunglasses is OY #2 actor Lee Chun Hee

Only You-10

The only girl in the photo is #2 actress Hong Soo Hyun

Only You-11

I am pretty sure JHJ is not wearing any make-up here, but he still looks gorgeous!


Credit:  Photos as labelled.  Thanks!


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