Drama (2013.02.23): King Rouge / JHJ Interviews / JOVE 59 / Vol 1 (Winter/Dec 24, 2011)

JOVE 59: Jo Hyun Jae talks about China experience


Here is another article from JOVE 59 volume 1 (Winter issue/December 24, 2011).  In this article, Jo Hyun Jae talks about his experience filming “King Rouge” in China.
Jo Hyun Jae would like to express special thanks to fans. Because of them he is able to work not just in South Korea, but also in China and Japan, and, hopefully, in other countries in Asia as well.
An interview after a long time, talks about recent developments.
Spent 3 months in China filming the TV series “King Rouge”. This interview was held less than a week after returning to South Korea.
Q1:  Please share with us some of your experiences while working in China.
JHJ:  Mostly we filmed in the countryside. Most of the places where we filmed were not yet fully developed. But as an actor who still needs a lot of experience, I find filming in places like that very challenging and interesting. We filmed in various locations, so I need to adjust often. It was very interesting work.
Q2:  I understand that “King Rouge” is set at an earlier era of China. It must have been a new experience for you.
JHJ:  Yes, it is. A different country, a different era. To have the history of another country as backdrop for a drama I am working on is a new and interesting experience for me. The actors who were in the drama with me are also interesting.
Q3:  The script is written in Chinese. So how did you deliver your lines while filming?
JHJ:  I had the script translated from Chinese to Korean. I deliver my lines in Korean, later they will dub in Chinese. China is a very large country, people have different accents. To make the accent uniform, even actors from Mainland China have to be dubbed. So the key in acting in a Chinese drama is understanding not just my dialogues but the lines of the other characters as well. That way the language barrier will not become a big problem.
Q4:  You must have spent so much time studying the script.
JHJ:  We were filming everyday, from sun up to sun down.  I didn’t have much time to study the script. But I had time to study it before filming because I received the whole script before filming started.
Q5:  In Korea, scripts are revised, sometimes are written, while filming is going on. Did that happen too in “King Rouge”?
JHJ:  Nothing like that happened in “King Rouge”. I think writing/re-writing the script happens in South Korea only. I don’t think they do that in Japan either, based on my previous experience of working on a short Japanese drama before.
Q6:  Filming in China is a very fresh experience for you. Have you ever thought of working on a TV series in Japan?
JHJ:  After my experience in China, I think I can work anywhere. Not just in Japan or China, but in other Asian countries as well. It doesn’t have to be absolutely just TV series and movies in Japan, or be a star in a drama in China. If I am offered a challenging role, in Japan or anywhere else, there is no reason not to accept.
Credit: Photo as labelled; Japanese to Chinese translation from johyunjaechina.  Thanks! English translation by prissymom.

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