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Jo Hyun Jae in KBoom magazine, 2012.01

kboom2012.01-4This is an old Jo Hyun Jae interview featured in the Japanese magazine KBOOM in their January 2012/Vol 77 issue, which hit newsstands in Japan in November 2011.


Words on the left page, bottom:

Jo Hyun Jae thanks his Japanese fans for their unwavering support and love, will always strive to repay that love.
Actor Jo Hyun Jae, not afraid to change.
He does not stick to a certain image…. the depth of his acting is beyond his age…. has attracted attention as a next generation Hallyu star in a mature performance.
Also launching his Japanese magazine, JOVE 59, as a way to express his thanks to his Japanese fans.

kboom2012.01-2 kboom2012.01-3

Here is the interview:


Drama is “49”, and my birthday is “5, 9”

KBOOM: In Japan, “49 Days” , which is airing right now, has become a hot topic. Please say something of this project.
JHJ: “49 Days” is my first project after being discharged (from the Korean Army). It was very tiring filming it, but I had fun too. It was hard work, both physically and mentally. But I learned a lot through this project.

KBOOM: Please explain to us why you chose this project.
JHJ: The drama has a very unusual subject matter, it deals with “body possession”. It uses death to impart lessons about the meaning of life. I am also attracted to its fantasy elements.

KBOOM: What is the most memorable thing that happened to you while filming this drama?
JHJ: May 9, my birthday. I spent my birthday on set, filming/working. I received greetings from the production staff and my co-actors. My fans also visited the set and prepared a party for me. Thanks to everyone I was able to have a truly memorable birthday even while working. Another thing worth mentioning, my birthday is on the 9th day of May, the drama’s title has the number “49” in it. Both my birthday and the drama end with the number “9”. Even more amazing is that the birthdays of my co-stars end with the number “9” also. (LYW on April 9, BSB on December 9, and JIW on September 9).

KBOOM: Please share with us some highlights of the drama.
JHJ: My character Han Kang is the first to find out that the soul of Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) is inside the body of Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won). I will find out Shin Ji Hyun’s mission and will help her to fulfill that without letting her know that I know anything about it. The drama will tell the story of Han Kang’s pure love for Shin Ji Hyun.

KBOOM: On December 24/Christmas Eve this year, your own magazine, JOVE 59, will be launched. Please tell us the reason for this decision.
JHJ: I have always been thinking how best to reach out and become closer to my Japanese fans, so we decided on the magazine. My Japanese fans have always been very supportive of me, so to thank them for their unwavering love and support, the first issue will be released on Christmas Eve, to serve as a special gift this Christmas.

KBOOM: What are your plans for the future?
JHJ: Right now I am filming the drama “King Rouge” in China. So first, I will finish my activities in China. After that, I would like to give back the love my Japanese fans have given me through a fan meeting. I have to wait a bit for the schedule of the guests, but a fan meeting in Japan is scheduled for early next year.

Editor: The “guests” JHJ is referring to must be his co-stars in “49 Days” because the event is organized by “49 Days” producers.

KBOOM: Please leave a message for our Japanese readers.
JHJ: I would like to thank my Japanese fans for their unwavering love and support. I will work very hard to become a better actor so I can repay all your love. Thank you very, very much.

Here are the rest of the photos from the magazine:

kboom2012.01-5 kboom2012.01-6


Credit: KBoom magazine; photos by Purely @ everjohyunjae.co.kr; johyunjae.hk. Thanks! English interpretation by prissymom.


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