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Jo Hyun Jae returns to South Korea from China, 2011.11.21 (news article and photos)

2011.11.21 JHJ from China-9Jo Hyun Jae photographed arriving home after filming for his Chinese drama “King Rouge” ended.
Financial News
On November 23, a representative from JHJ’s management agency [Star N Hit Entertainment] said that, “JHJ, who has been in China for the past 3 months filming his Chinese drama “King Rouge”, has returned [to Korea] through Incheon International Airport.
JHJ left for China at the beginning of August this year to film “King Rouge”, and arrived back home last November 21.
Photos taken during his arrival show JHJ wearing a black cap and carrying a black backpack which matches his clothes. His fashion caught the attention of people at the airport.
JHJ was discharged from Army duty June 19 last year, and has since then touched the hearts and minds of women with his performance in his comeback drama, “49 Days”.
Financial News ju-hui3@starnnews.com star reporter 임주희

2011.11.21 JHJ from China-3 2011.11.21 JHJ from China-4 2011.11.21 JHJ from China-5

Credit: http://www.starnnews.com/; http://nate.com/; http://www.johyunjae.hk/; English translation by wulijohyunjae. Thanks!

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