Drama (2011.03): 49 Days / Pictures / Press Con

49 Days: Press Conference, 2011.03.09 – Onstage (Jo Hyun Jae only)

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-56

Here are photos of Jo Hyun Jae by himself onstage during the “49 Days” Press Conference held on March 9, 2011.
I just love how JHJ looks during the press conference. I especially like the buttoned-down shirt he is wearing under the black jacket, the print is that of a newspaper, such an interesting detail!
Here are more pictures of JHJ while he was onstage during the press conference. There are so many pictures from various sources, I just chose the clear ones.

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-57 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-58 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-59 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-60Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-61 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-62 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-63 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-64 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-65 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-66 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-67 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-68.

During the press conference, the stars brought some of their personal items which will then be auctioned off, proceeds of which will be donated by SBS to a charitable institution. JHJ brought several of his personal items like the long-sleeved shirt and denim pants he is holding in the photos below.

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-69 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-70 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-71


Credit: As labelled.



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