Drama (2011.03): 49 Days / Interviews / Pictures / Press Con

49 Days: Press Conference, 2011.03.09 – Jo Hyun Jae interview (transcript and photos)

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-86

There are so many pictures of Jo Hyun Jae during the interview portion of the “49 Days” Press Conference where he looks so beautiful that I am having a hard time choosing which ones to post in blog. I can’t post all of them for fear that I will strain my blog’s resources.
I could not find the copy of the interviews on youtube, but you can watch JHJ’s portion at this link: http://www.56.com/u58/v_NTg3NzUzMzU.html (Note: The video is a bit slow in loading, so be patient.)
What JHJ says in the video:
JHJ: Hello, everybody! I am Jo Hyun Jae. I play Han Kang in “49 Days”. In the drama I’m an architect who runs a wine bar on the side.

I was Shin Ji Hyun’s high school classmate, had a crush on her, she’s my first love.
Later her soul enters into Song Yi Kyung’s body after the traffic accident.
When I discover this, I try very hard to get them to swap again. That’s my role.
Question: If you can exchange souls, whom would you like to exchange with?
JHJ: If I had to exchange, I’d rather it be with Bae Soo Bin*. In the drama my character is humourous and easygoing. If this role is somewhat similar to me in real life, BSB’s role is like a big brother, sometimes gentle, sometimes sharp. So sometimes I feel like having the same character as BSB.
BSB: Thank you!
Question: How is the atmosphere during filming?
JHJ: Very pleasant. I feel very relaxed working with BSB whom I’m very familiar with. I’ve also been in a drama with Ms. Yo Won before, so this opportunity to work with her again is very pleasant, and we also cooperate very well. And then all these younger brothers and sisters [Editor: referring to the younger actors] are all very well-behaved and obedient, so there is nothing to be said. Everybody is very pleasant and polite, so I feel very relaxed, very good.
* JHJ throughout addresses BSB as “hyung” or “big brother”.
Here are additional pictures of JHJ during the interview portion:

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-84 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-85 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-87 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-88 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-89 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-90 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-91 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-92 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-93 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-94 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-95 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-96


Credit: Photos as labelled; English translation by wulijohyunjae. Thanks!

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