Drama (2011.03): 49 Days / Press Con

49 Days: Press Conference, 2011.03.09 – Jo Hyun Jae fans show support

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-05

The various Jo Hyun Jae fanclubs showed full support for our man during the Press Conference of his comeback drama “49 Days,” which was held on March 9, 2011.


> Flowers from EVER Korea and Japan, johyunjaeChina, and johyunjaeThailand.

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-07


 > Flowers and snacks from CarpeDiem/CAFE Korea and Japan.

2011.02.19 CAFE-01

2011.02.19 CAFE-03 2011.02.19 CAFE-04


Snacks prepared by CAFE fans for members of the press. They prepared 200 sets from contributions from both CAFE Korea and CAFE Japan.

2011.02.19 CAFE-052011.02.19 CAFE-06


“49 Days” poster signed by JHJ for CAFE fans

2011.02.19 CAFE-02


Before the press conference started, JHJ fans had a photo opportunity with our lovely man.

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-01 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-02 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-03 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-04 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-06


Credit: Photo 1 from everjohyunjae; all other photos from CarpeDiem/CAFE @ cafe.daum.net/hyunjaelove. Thanks!



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