Drama (2011.03): 49 Days / Pictures / Press Con

49 Days: Press Conference, 2011.03.09 – Interview photos (Jo Hyun Jae only)

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-88

This is the last batch of photos from the “49 Days” Press Conference. Look at Jo Hyun Jae’s photo up top, I love how the tips of his lips are tilted upward. ❤

Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-97 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-98 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-99 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-100Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-110 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-101 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-102 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-103 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-104 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-105 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-106 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-107 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-108 Han Kang 49 DaysPressCon-109


Credit: As labelled.


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