Drama (2011.03): 49 Days / Synopsis/Character Description/Review

49 Days: Synopsis and character description


49 Days Official Group 12SYNOPSIS
“49 Days” is the story of Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri), a young woman who becomes comatose after she figures in a car accident a week before her wedding to her fiance Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin.) Since it is not yet her time to die, she is given by the powers-that-be a chance to get back to life. To guide her through her journey is the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) who tells her that to revive she has to gather the genuine/sincere tears of 3 people who truly love her but who are not related to her by blood within 49 days.
To accomplish her task, Ji Hyun is allowed to occupy the body of Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won.) However, Ji Hyun is not allowed to tell anyone that her soul is occupying Yi Kyung’s body. She will be aided further in her task by her schoolmate from high school Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae), who will then get into an entangled relationship with Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung.
During her 49-day journey, Ji Hyun will find out crucial truths about her fiance Kang Min Ho, her best friend Shin In Jung (Seo Ji Hye), the Scheduler, the woman whose body she is using Song Yi Kyung, and her grumpy schoolmate from high school Han Kang.
The man who can’t be moved.
The adorable… the unshakeable Kang-ahhhhh!!!

Han Kang 49 Days-09

Han Kang is an architect/designer who graduated from a prestigious American university. He has just recently returned to South Korea from the USA. He also operates the Heaven Cafe and Wine Bar.
While in the USA, he met and became good friends with Kang Min Ho, Shin Ji Hyun’s fiance. Han Kang also happens to be Shin Ji Hyun’s schoolmate when they were high school students in Jinan. Han Kang treats most people coldly, but he is even more cold towards Ji Hyun, who believes that Han Kang harbors resentment against her because of a complicated misunderstanding that occurred between them when they were still in high school. What Ji Hyun does not know is that Han Kang loves her but cannot express his feelings because of their past misunderstanding.
From Song Yi Kyung, Han Kang will be the first to realize that Ji Hyun’s soul has returned, so he tries his best to help her be revived.


The ramen-eating host of Ji Hyun’s soul. 
She is all alone in the world. She has no will to live.
Who will save her?
49 Days Official Song Yi Kyung 01
Song Yi Kyung hasn’t gotten over the death of her boyfriend and gives up on living.  She lives as if she is an inanimate being.  Even unaware herself, she ends up handing over her sleeping body to Shin Ji Hyun.  As Ji Hyun’s soul possesses her body, it becomes a turning point in her life.
Spunky and brave – the cutest ghost to grace the spirit world.
No one can resist her, everyone wants to help her!
She loves saving people, but this time she’s the one who needs to be saved!
49 Days Official Shin Ji Hyun  01
Shin Ji Hyun was a naive, immature, young lady until she becomes brain-dead after an unexpected car accident.  In order for her to come back to life, she must gather 3 tear drops that are “sincere.”  However, what she witnesses while possessing Yi Kyung’s body is truth that is too merciless.


The Reaper who rocks the afterlife!!!

49 Days Official Scheduler  01

Scheduler guides the dead to the afterlife.  He has a “pretty-boy” image and is the very definition of the word “carefree.”  He himself doesn’t remember his previous life at all.  He ends up managing Ji Hyun because of her unscheduled death.


The man of many schemes and many faces.
Will the real Kang Min Ho step up please!!!


49 Days Official Kang Min Ho 01

Kang Min Ho is the fiance of Ji Hyun. He is cheerful, confident, generous, and friendly with a warm smile. However, he is also full of pride and self-loving in a twisted way due to a deprived childhood. Things start to go wrong as Ji Hyun’s accident occurs right before the wedding. 


The woman who betrays her friend for love.
How far will she go to claim that love?


49 Days Official Shin In Jung  01

Shin In Jung is Ji Hyun’s best friend. She is 20 years old, who is intelligent and bright. Her strong desire to go to college in Seoul led her to live off Ji Hyun’s family, living in their house. However, what she finds in the city and the world within only showed her, a proud, grown woman, how small she is.
Credit: Photos from SBS

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