JHJ and Friends

Jo Hyun Jae at Andre Kim’s funeral (2)


Andre Kim, the famous South Korean fashion designer died on August 12, 2010.  Jo Hyun Jae paid his respects to the late designer together with his friends from “Seo Dong Yo” – Lee Bo Young and Ryu Jin.

Here are several videos showing JHJ and friends as they arrived at the place where the funeral services was held.

In video #1 JHJ and friends appear at around 0:45.  You will also see so many Korean stars, I don’t know all of them, but they may be familiar to you.


In video #2 Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Bo Young and Ryu Jin appear at around 1:45.  The video starts recording them from outside the venue, unlike in video #1 where they were recorded as they passed through that phalanx of photographers.


Video #3 is actually a news report, and shows visitors after they had just gone through the phalanx of photographers and are about to enter the main hall.  JHJ and friends appear at around 1:40.


Last video I will be posting on this event.  Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Bo Young appear right from the beginning of the video while they were still outside the hall.  The video then cuts to when they pass through the phalanx of photographers, and then they enter some sort of foyer before disappearing from view as they enter the main hall where the funeral was being held.


Credit:  Videos uploaded on youtube by mandalaywith; photo as labelled.  Thanks!


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