Award-winning Moments

Jo Hyun Jae’s award-winning moments: Andre Kim’s Best Star Award, 2007 (4/Final)

Andre Kim Best Star Awards-34

This is the last batch of photos from the awarding ceremony for Andre Kim’s Best Star Award 2007 held on the 30th of April, 2007.  The pictures below are screencaptures from the video of the event.  The more pictures the better to give us an idea of what went on onstage during the ceremony, right?

Jo Hyun Jae and actress Kim Hee Sun walk down the ramp after receiving their award and delivering their respective acceptance speech.

Andre Kim Best Star Awards-39Andre Kim Best Star Awards-35Andre Kim Best Star Awards-37Andre Kim Best Star Awards-41Andre Kim Best Star Awards-43Andre Kim Best Star Awards-44Andre Kim Best Star Awards-46Andre Kim Best Star Awards-40Andre Kim Best Star Awards-36Andre Kim Best Star Awards-42Andre Kim Best Star Awards-38Andre Kim Best Star Awards-45

Andre Kim Best Star Awards-47Andre Kim Best Star Awards-48Andre Kim Best Star Awards-49Andre Kim Best Star Awards-50Andre Kim Best Star Awards-51


Below are screencaps from an interview by the English channel Arirang – we don’t need to translate because there are English subtitles! The interview took place after the awarding ceremony.

Andre Kim Best Star Awards-53Andre Kim Best Star Awards-56Andre Kim Best Star Awards-55Andre Kim Best Star Awards-54Andre Kim Best Star Awards-57.

Arriving or leaving?  No matter, just want to share these pictures because JHJ is smiling that beautiful, heart-melting smile of his…^^

Andre Kim Best Star Awards-58Andre Kim Best Star Awards-59Andre Kim Best Star Awards-60Andre Kim Best Star Awards-61Andre Kim Best Star Awards-62Andre Kim Best Star Awards-63


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