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Jo Hyun Jae at Ryu Jin’s wedding, October 29, 2006

On October 29, 2006, Ryu Jin, one of Jo Hyun Jae‘s showbiz friends, married his girlfriend of 6 years, Lee Hye Seon. Our dear Hyun Jae, being the good friend that he is, was on hand to wish his friend the best as he says goodbye to his bachelor days.
If you have been following JHJ’s career, I am sure you know how JHJ and Ryu Jin became friends.  From September 2005 to March 2006, our dear Hyun Jae and Ryu Jin worked together in the historical drama Seo Dong Yo.”.  In the drama, they started out as colleagues, but ended up enemies.  In real life, the 2 actors, together with actor Lee Chang Hoon (who played the master of Taehaksa Mok Ra Soo), became really good friends.

Lee Chang Hoon (left), Jo Hyun Jae (middle), Ryu Jin (right)

In the above photo the 3 actors are wearing the same hat.  The hat is a gift from Lee Chang Hoon to his 2 other co-stars, and has been the subject of envy among the other members of the cast of “Seo Dong Yo”.
JHJ and Ryu Jin’s friendship has stood the test of time.  I have seen photos of the 2 men being together at various public events over the years.
During JHJ’s 2006 birthday fan meeting, Ryu Jin showed up to greet JHJ.  He was supposed to surprise JHJ, but JHJ saw him at the parking area of the venue, so no more surprise! 😀 During JHJ’s birthday party Ryu Jin revealed that while they were filming “Seo Dong Yo,” he would see JHJ assembling a toy model when he is not acting in front of the camera.  Because of Ryu Jin’s revelation, JHJ fans found out that JHJ likes assembling toy models.

JHJ Bday 2006-101

When JHJ was serving his country through his mandatory military service, Ryu Jin was one of those friends who visited JHJ at the camp (together with other “Seo Dong Yo” cast mates) where he is assigned.  Also, Ryu Jin (together with other “Seo Dong Yo” cast mates) got together with our man whenever he was out on leave from military duty.
Then in August 2010, JHJ, who was then recently discharged from the Army, Lee Bo Young (JHJ’s leading lady in “Seo Dong Yo”) and Ryu Jin, altogether paid their last respects to Andre Kim, the famous South Korean fashion designer who died on August 12, 2010.
The last time we see the 2 actors together in public was during Eugene’s wedding on July 23, 2011.  Both JHJ and Ryu Jin have worked with Eugene in the past.  She is JHJ’s leading lady in 3 Dads, 1 Mom”, and also Ryu Jin’s co-star in the drama Really, Really, Like You”.  The world of showbiz is really a small one!
Hmmm, I wonder when we will see JHJ and Ryu Jin together again…. maybe in JHJ’s own wedding? That is, if JHJ will allow news reporters near his wedding!  Knowing how zealously JHJ guards his privacy, I very much doubt if we will even get a glimpse of JHJ’s wedding pictures.
Anyway, sharing here a video of Ryu Jin’s wedding back in October 2006.  You will see JHJ being interviewed.  Don’t ask me what he said because I don’t understand Korean.  Maybe he’s just saying “Congratulations”,  or “best wishes”, or “May you have plenty of babies.” Take your pick, or use your imagination. 😀



And here are some pictures of JHJ during the event:
JHJ at Ryu Jin wedding02

Poor JHJ! Why does he have to squeeze into that door? Couldn’t the doorman have opened the door a little wider so he could enter gracefully?

JHJ at Ryu Jin wedding03JHJ at Ryu Jin wedding04 JHJ at Ryu Jin wedding05

Note:  This post was created on August 2012 but has been moved to October 2006 for archiving purposes.


Credit:  Photos as labelled; photos of JHJ at Ryu Jin’s wedding posted by conduongmuathu on JHJ’s Soompi thread; video by uploaded on youtube by mizutamarijp.  Thanks!

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