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Mystery solved…..

Love Letter Andrea 8

Earlier I made a blog entry which I titled A Beautiful Mystery….  The above photo is among the pictures posted in that entry.
It was my first time to encounter those pictures (except for the big one above), and I didn’t know their story so those pictures seemed so mysterious to me…
Well, JHJ fan “Rose” helped me trace their provenance – the photos are part of a November 20, 2005 interview JHJ granted to promote the release of the DVD of his drama “Love Letter” in Japan.  Take note, as far as I know in November 2005 JHJ was busy filming Seo Dong Yo”.  This means that he took time off from his busy SDY filming schedule to grant this interview.
Here is the link to the video of the interview:
Sometimes it is quite hard to access the video directly through the above link.  If you encounter that problem, then go to first, then copy-paste these Chinese characters on the search box – 赵显宰情书专访.  Choose the video where you can see JHJ wearing the gray cardigan as in the pictures on this post which are screencaps from the video.

Love Letter Andrea 4 Love Letter Andrea 5 Love Letter Andrea 6

Here is the transcript of the interview:
Hello, dear Japanese viewers!  Hello, everybody, this is Jo Hyun Jae!
About Andrea:
At that time, I really struggled to be the best priest.
Because the character has to go through so many emotional moments, I have to cry at least three times a day while filming.
I have to cry a lot in this drama.
Maybe because Andrea’s personality is quite different from my real life personality, so filming the crying scenes was very difficult.
Own personality:
Those who have watched me in my dramas/movies think that I am an introvert.
But in real life I am a very outgoing person, and very assertive when talking.
I like sports, especially extreme sports, which is completely different from my character Andrea.
Thoughts about Love Letter”:
I am a priest in the drama, because of that I cannot pursue my love for this person.
The drama also shows the friendship of 3 people – one person should not show partiality for one friend only so that the other friend will not feel left out.
If you know my real life personality and when you see me in this drama, you will see a fresh, new me.
Memories of filming Love Letter”:
In this drama my co-actors are Soo Ae and Ji Jin Hee.
Because we are working together in this drama, it cannot be avoided that we will influence each other… should I do that?  should I buy something?… things like that
It was really very cold while we were filming. If it rains, the face will … (JHJ flicks his cheek).
These are all I can remember of that time.
Editor:  JHJ filmed Love Letter” in 2003, while this interview took place in 2005.
About his co-actors:
I have become good friends with Soo Ae. Right now we are both busy with our careers so there is little opportunity to see each other. But we do maintain contact through the telephone.. to encourage each other.
My relationship with Ji Jin Hee is also good. (Someone off camera said: I heard he is a newlywed?)
Yeah, right. He got married and now he has a son.
Recently he shared some snapshots. It looks like his life is going well.
Your current project Seo Dong Yo”:
I am currently filming a historical drama. I have acted in melodramas in the past, this project right now is more diverse.
The dialogues in a period drama are very rich. To fully understand the richness of the dialogues, they have to be translated precisely.  Seo Dong Yo” has its unique charms.
Hmmm, the audience will understand what I mean once they watch Seo Dong Yo”.
I have no grandiose dreams of becoming the greatest actor out there.
I just want to portray roles that I like, and do my best in portraying those roles.
Message to Japanese fans:
Love Letter”  is a drama that is very close to me.
I am really grateful to everyone for always giving me their support in whatever project I appear in.
I will always work very hard in all my acting projects.
I hope viewers will pay attention to me, and show support for my projects.
I wish everyone good health! If the opportunity arises, I will be very happy to meet with everyone.
Credit: Photo 1 from Param of CarpeDiem Japan @; the rest of the photos are from; video as labelled; Korean to Chinese translation by michaelbigcat @;;;;  Thanks!  Chinese to English translation by prissymom.

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