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A beautiful mystery…

Love Letter Andrea 21 I was going around the various Jo Hyun Jae fan sites looking for materials on JHJ’s 2006 Japan FMs when I stumbled upon the photos which I posted on this post.  The photos belong to Param of CarpeDiem Japan but I found them on johyunjae.hk.
As you can see, JHJ signed these photos on December 2005.  But in December 2005 JHJ was still in the middle of filming Seo Dong Yo” (SDY).   So I wonder when these photos were really taken.
I have seen photo # 2 before, but all the rest are new to me.  And what a wonderful surprise – JHJ is so beautiful, he takes my breath away!  These JHJ photos bring to mind this saying: “In every picture, there’s a poem; in every poem, a picture.”
I don’t know the circumstances surrounding these photos – when they were taken, for what purpose, was JHJ endorsing something here?  the clothes, perhaps?  are these photos part of an interview?  So many questions.  If somebody can shed light on my questions, I would appreciate it very much.  But if not, then I will be fine if these JHJ photos remain a mystery… a beautiful mystery…. Love Letter Andrea 12Love Letter Andrea 8 Love Letter Andrea 9 Love Letter Andrea 19Love Letter Andrea 10 Love Letter Andrea 11 Love Letter Andrea 13 Love Letter Andrea 20 Love Letter Andrea 22


Credit: Param of CarpeDiem Japan @ hyunjaelove.jp; johyunjae.hk;  johyunjaehouse.co.kr.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “A beautiful mystery…

      • Hi Prissymom,
        Sorry, I don’t have another link. Can you please try to search 赵显宰情书专访 @youku.com?
        I hope it will work for you!

  1. Hi, Rose! I did as you suggested. I am now watching the video. Thanks a lot! I don’t understand a thing of what he is saying, but that’s okay. He is such a lovely man, that it is enough to just watch him.^^

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